Chinky At A Party Questions & Answers

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Chinky At A Party Questions & Answers

Question 1:  Write True or False:

(a) Chinky is a little pup – False
(b) There are some guests at Mr. Khan’s house – True
(c) Shahid and Farha are the guests – False
(d) Shahid is a fun-loving boy – True
(e) Farha is unhappy with her brother – False
(f) Chinky had some fun at the party – True

Question 2: Who is Chinky?

Answer: Chinky is a pet cat who belongs to Khans.

Question 3: Why are there some guests at Khans?

Answer: There are some guests because there is a party at Khans’ house.

Question 4: Where is Chinky sitting?

Answer: Chinky is sitting on the piano.

Question 5: What is Chinky doing at the party?

Answer: Chinky is looking around to see what the guests and her family members are doing.

Question 6: Why is Farha’s brother, Shahid looking serious?

Answer: Farha’s brother, Shahid is looking serious because he is planning to play a trick on someone.

Question 7: What is Farha doing?

Answer: Farha is talking to her friend.

Question 8:  What trick does Shahid play on Farha?

Answer: Shahid tied a rubber frog at Farha’s back. the frog hangs on Farha’s skirt. Shahid taps Farha’s shoulder and Farha turns around.

Question 9: Are people in the party enjoying themselves?

Answer: Yes, people in the party are enjoying themselves.

So, these were Chinky At A Party Questions & Answers.

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