A Test Of Archery Questions & Answers

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A Test Of Archery Questions & Answers

Question 1: What has Dronacharya taught the princes?

Answer: Dronacharya has taught the princes to use different weapons, to shoot well the bow, to ride horses and to fight well in a war.

Question 2: What did the teacher ask the Pandavas to do in the test?

Answer: The teacher asked the Pandavas to shoot the bird’s right eye in the test.

Question 3: What question did Dronacharya ask all the Pandavas?

Answer: Dronacharya asked all the Pandavas the same question, “What do you see?”

Question 4: What was the reply of each of one of the following?

(a) Yudhishtir

Answer: Sir, I see you, I see my brothers, I see those trees and I also see the bird in that tree.

(b) Bhim

Answer: I see a tree, the blue sky behind it and a bird on one of the branches.

(c) Nakul

Answer: Sir, I see my bow with an arrow on it, a tree….

(d) Sahadeva

Answer: I can see the tree, its branches and leaves.

Question 5: What was Arjuna’s reply?

Answer: Arjuna’s reply was “I see only the bird’s right eye” I can’t see the bird’s body.

Question 6: Arjuna could see the bird’s right eye because


i. it was the most beautiful part of the bird’s body.
ii. it was the mark that he had to hit.

Question 7: Did the Pandava princes like their teacher Dronacharya? Pick out the line from the play to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, the Pandava princes liked their teacher Dronacharya. The line of Nakula – ‘Won’t you teach us any more’ from the play supports our answer.

Question 8: What should be your mark if you want to do well at

(a) A class test?

Answer: A good preparation of the syllabus given for the test.

(b) A match?

Answer: A good practice and dedication.

(c) A quiz contest?

Answer: Increase the general knowledge and awareness.

So, these were A Test Of Archery Questions & Answers.

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