Galileo Questions & Answers

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Galileo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Learned men have always believed that the earth moved round the sun – False
(b) The first telescope ever made was invented by Lippershey – True
(c) Galileo thought a telescope would help him in his studies – True
(d) Galileo watched the heavenly bodies in the clear night sky – True
(e) The people of Venice also turned the “Looking Tube” towards the night sky – False
(e) Galileo went on improving his telescope – True
(f) Copernics had already said what Galileo was saying – True
(g) The Church set Galileo free because it finally agreed with his ideas – False

Question 2: How is our knowledge about the earth different from the knowledge of people, even learned men, some 400 years ago?

Answer: Some 400 years ago, even learned men used to believe that earth was static in the space and all the other celestial bodies like the sun, moon, etc. take rounds around the earth.
However, today, we all know that earth is a planet which revolves around the sun.

Question 3: Who corrected people’s thinking about earth in the 17th century?

Answer: In the 17th century, Galileo corrected people’s thinking about earth.

Question 4: What is Lippershey’s contribution to astronomy?

Answer: Lippershey invented the telescope which is an instrument used by astronomers to watch sky. It is indeed a great contribution to astronomy.

Question 5: What is the Milky Way?

Answer: Milky Way galaxy is the broad white band of light seen across the sky at night containing fainted stars.

Question 6: In what ways is the moon similar to the earth?

Answer: Like earth, the moon’s surface had very high mountains and deep valleys.

Question 7: Why was Galileo appointed professor at the University of Padua?

Answer: When Galileo carried his telescope to Venice and showed it to the people, they gathered around him to have a look through it. They took it to the top of the high buildings and took a look at the ships in the sea. The ships which were 50 miles away appeared only 15 miles away. When the ruler of Venice was shown the telescope, he was very pleased with the invention and appointed Galileo as the professor for life at the University of Padua.

Question 8: What were the two important discoveries Galileo made with his much-improved telescope?

Answer: The two important discoveries that Galileo made with his much-improved telescope were:

  • Jupiter had several little moons that revolved around it.
  • Sun had spots on it and these spots moved slowly around it and the sun also moves around itself.

Question 9: Who had made discoveries similar to Galileo’s in the 16th century?

Answer: In the 16th century, Copernics, a Polish astronomer had made discoveries similar to Galileo.

Question 10: What trouble did Galileo bring upon himself by telling truths about the heavenly bodies?

Answer: Teachings of Galileo brought great interest and excitement among the learned people because it meant that all their teaching was wrong. These people began to oppose Galileo and also many of them became his enemies. Then, he was caught in trouble with the Church.

Question 11: What is the humorous story about Galileo facing the inquisition?

Answer: The humorous story about Galileo facing the inquisition is that he knelt and declared that he no longer believed that the earth moved round the sun. But as he rose up his knees from the ground, after the discussion in the public, he quietly said to himself that the earth still does moves around the sun.

So, these were Galileo Questions & Answers.

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