Educating Mother Questions & Answers

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Educating Mother Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Squeaked – to make a short, very high cry or sound
  • Simpering – to smile in an annoying way
  • Macabre – something strange and unpleasant
  • Protagonist – an important support of an idea or political system
  • Indignantly – angry because of something that is wrong or not fair
  • Propelled – to push or move something with a lot of force

Question 1: How many children were listening to the narrator’s story? Name them.

Answer: The children present were Venku, Ambu, Ramu and Janaki.

Question 2: Whose story did the narrator begin with? What was the character’s name?

Answer: The narrator started with the story of Goldilocks.

Question 3: Why did Janaki start talking about a cell-phone? What was Ambu’s response?

Answer: Janaki spoke of cell-phone because Goldilocks lost her way in the forest. Ambu said it was stupid to think this way because at that time, there were no phones.

Question 4: Why were the stories of Red Riding Hood and Cindrella rejected by the children?

Answer: The children rejected the story of Red Riding Hood because for them, it was impossible to confuse between Grandmother and Wolf. They also rejected the story of Cindrella because according to them, she should not have wasted her time in order to marry a prince.

Question 5: Why did mother fail as a storyteller?

Answer: The mother failed as a storyteller because the children were smarter than the simple tales that were narrated.

Question 6: Do you think the children did not have imagination? Give reasons.

Answer: The children lacked imagination because their arguments were pretty grounded in facts and figures.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

The names parents come up with, ‘muttered Ambu. ‘Thank God you didn’t choose to call me Long Nose or Saucer Eye.’

(a) Who was Ambu?

Answer: Ambu was narrator’s twelve years old daughter.

(b) Which name was she referring to?

Answer: Ambu was the referring to the name of Goldilocks.

(c) What does Ambu’s reaction tell us about her personality?

Answer: The reaction of Ambu tells us that she is very conscious minded. It tells us that she had an independent and curious mind.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘Try telling my history teacher that, ……’

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: Ambu said this to the narrator.

(b) Who is the narrator and what is she trying to do?

Answer: The narrator is the mother and she is trying to narrate a story.

(c) Who is Ambu and why does she is disagree with the narrator?

Answer: Ambu is the 12-year-old daughter and for her dates are important because her history teacher stresses on the same.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

If she’d had a cell phone, she could have called her mother.

(a) Who is the speaker here?

Answer: Narrator’s six years old niece Janaki is the speaker.

(b) Who does ‘she’ refer to here?

Answer: Janaki refers to Goldilocks over here.

(c) Why is ‘she’ without a cell phone?

Answer: Goldilocks was without cell phones because she belongs to an era when cell phone was not invented, there were no cell phones in those days.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

‘The poor thing came to a cottage that belonged to the three bears.’

(a) Who is being addressed here as the poor thing?

Answer: Goldilocks has been addressed here as the poor thing.

(b) What did the poor thing do in the cottage of three bears?

Answer: She drank the baby bear’s porridge.

(c) What were the bears doing?

Answer: The bears were asleep.

So, these were Educating Mother Questions & Answers.

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