The Bell Questions & Answers

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The Bell Questions & Answers

World Galaxy

  • Goading – to provoke or annoy to stimulate action
  • Embellished – to make more attractive by decorating
  • Menaced – to be a threat or a possible danger
  • Façade – outward appearance or the face of a building
  • Incomprehensible – not intelligible
  • Conspicuous – clearly visible
  • Vehement – showing strong feeling

Question 1: Why were the adults outraged when the rebellious little girl said she intended to ring the temple bell at the hour of lamp lighting?

Answer: The adults were outraged due to the announcement made by the rebellious little girl. She said if Thangam could ring the temple bell, she could too.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

‘If Thangam can ring it, so can I’, she debated hotly.

(a) Who is the speaker and who is Thangam?

Answer: The speaker is the young girl. Thangam is the daughter of the temple priest.

(b) What did she want to ring and why?

Answer: She wanted to ring the bell because she believed that there were no differences among people in eyes of the god.

(c) How did she try to reason with the elders for her rights?

Answer: She told the elders that if Thangam, the Namboodiri girls could ring the temple bell, so could she. Besides when Thangam came to play with them, she was no different from all of them.

Question 3: What reason did the grown-ups give for refusing her the right to ring the bell? What reason did she give for Thangam not being any different from herself?

Answer: The adult asserted that Thangam was the daughter of the temple priest and so she was permitted to ring the temple bell, she said that Thangam came over to play hide and seek every afternoon, and she behaved no differently from any of them.

Question 4: Why did she accompany her grandmother to the tank for her evening both?

Answer: She agreed to accompany her grandmother to the tank for her evening bath so that the adults would not be angry with her.

Question 5: Why did Kelu Nair accompany her to the temple? Was he successful in accomplishing his task?

Answer: Kelu Nair was a major domestic help at home as he was asked to accompany her before the lighting of the lamp ceremony as it was not socially accepted that a young girl would walk down the road alone. No, he was not successful in accomplishing his task.

The Bell Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

Her mother simply pretended not to hear.

(a) What did her mother pretend not to hear? Why?

Answer: Her mother pretended not to hear her reminds that she would walk alone to the school every day while in the town, she would go to the bakery to buy sweets and cookies. She questioned why Kelu Nair had to accompany her that day to the temple.

(b) Who was Kelu Nair? Where did he accompany her to and why?

Answer: Kelu Nair was the head of her domestic help at home and he accompanied her to the temple to watch the evening lightning of the lamp.

(c) What had Kelu Nair tried to dissuade her from the night?

Answer: Kelu Nair had tried to dissuade her from running away and going to the temple entrance.

Question 7: What did she do after seeing the Namboodiri women praying? What was Kelu Nair’s reaction?

Answer: When she saw the Namboodiri women praying, she edged her way towards them, ignored Kelu Nair’s shocked whispers of protest and went towards the main attar of the temple. She was the golden vision of the deity and suddenly reached up and rang the temple bell. Kelu Nair was shocked beyond disbelief at what the Namboodiri women and men would say. Thereafter, Kelu Nair dragged her away.

Question 8: Why did she feel happy even though she had disobeyed the elders and would probably get into trouble?

Answer: The young girl has defied societal norms and achieved what she wanted to. She also believed that the god was happy with her.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

Dimly, she was aware of the dark looks and sundered murmurs pursuing her.

(a) What had she just done to evoke such a response among others?

Answer: The young rebellious girl had rung the temple bell.

(b) Prior to this incident, who had the sole authority over the bell?

Answer: Thangam, the daughter of the temple priest, had solo right over the bell.

(c) Why was she in dire disgrace?

Answer: She had done wrong by ringing the temple bell without the permission of the family members or of society.

So, these were The Bell Questions & Answers.

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