The Sick Young Dragon Questions & Answers

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The Sick Young Dragon Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Scales – small flat pieces of hard material that cover the body fish and some animals
  • Chill – a cold
  • Right as rain – perfectly all right
  • Alight – on fire, burning

Question 1: Choose the right answer:

a. ‘Although I’ve simply tried and tried’ means

i. the dragon tried doing simple things
ii. he tried very hard, over and over again
iii. he tried hard, just once

b. ‘l cannot get my fire to go!’ shows that the dragon

i. wanted his fire to start, but he could not do it
ii. wanted his fire to go away, but he could not do it.
iii. wanted his mother to get him some fire but she would not get it.

c. ‘No doubt, that’s the reason your fire has gone out.’ tells us that the doctor

i. did not know the reason why the fire had gone out.
ii. did not want to tell anyone the reason why the fire had gone out.
iii. was very sure of the reason why the fire had gone out.

d. ‘Just watch where you breathe fire today!’ means

i. do not breathe fire today
ii. sit and watch yourself breathe fire today
iii. be careful where you breathe fire today

Question 2: Why is the dragon crying? What is he trying to do?

Answer: The dragon was crying because though he tried very hard, he was unable to breathe fire.

Question 3: Write the correct meaning of these:

1. Caught a chill

Answer: To catch a cold

2. Take it easy

Answer: To relax and take rest

3. Set the sheets alight

Answer: The sheets caught fire

Question 4: What treatment did the doctor suggest to the dragon?

Answer: The doctor said the dragon needed to stay in bed for a day or two. He also asked him to drink some petrol, chew some nails, take it easy, and watch TV.

Question 5: How did the sheets catch fire?

Answer: After spending some time in bed, the dragon started feeling better. Still in bed, he first sneezed some sparks and then coughed, setting the sheets on fire.

Question 6: Complete the sentences:

1. A dragon’s throat should be red.
2. A dragon’s scales should be hot.

Question 7: What does the dragon’s mother mean when she says, “you will soon be right as rain”?

Answer: You’ll soon be feeling better.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

“It doesn’t matter,” his mother said.
“Those sheets were old. Go out and play.”

a. Why did the dragon’s mother say that sheets were old?

Answer: The young dragon was horrified at having set the sheets on fire. His mother told him that the sheets were old to console him.

b. What does this tell you about her?

Answer: From these lines, we know that the dragon’s mother is kind and considerate.

c. What did she tell the young dragon to be careful about?

Answer: The dragon’s mother told the young dragon to be careful about where he breathes fire so that he doesn’t set anything else on fire.

Question 9: Read these lines and answer the questions:

‘Open your mouth,’ his mother said,
‘It’s no wonder! Your throat’s red.
Your scales are cold. You must be ill.
I think you must have caught a chill.’

i. Why did the dragon’s mother ask him to open his mouth?

Answer: The dragon’s mother asked him to open his mouth because she wanted to check his throat and see whether he had cold or not.

ii. What are the two symptoms of illness that the mother noticed in the young dragon?

Answer: The two symptoms of illness that the mother noticed in the young dragon were:

  • The young dragon’s scales were cold.
  • His throat was red.

iii. What did the dragon’s mother do next?

Answer: The dragon’s mother sent him for doctor.

b. The young dragon did as he was told.
And soon bis scales stopped feeling cold.
He sneezed some sparks. His face glowed bright.
He coughed and set the sheets alight.

i. Who told the young dragon what to do?

Answer: The doctor told the young dragon what to do.

ii. What did the young dragon have to do?

Answer: The young dragon had to drink petrol, chew some nails, to watch T.V and relax.

iii. Which signs showed that he had begun to feel better?

Answer: After following the doctor’s advice, the young dragon’s scales stopped feeling cold, his face glowed brightly, he sneezed some sparks and when he coughed, it set fire to the sheets.

So, these were The Sick Young Dragon Questions & Answers.

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