Mr Willy Wonka’s Factory Questions & Answers

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Mr Willy Wonka’s Factory Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Fantastic – amazing
  • Marshmallows – a soft chewy sweet or chocolate
  • Extraordinary – very unusual
  • Dotty – mad

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Mr Wonka’s chocolate factory was________.

i. hundred times bigger than any other
ii. fifty times as big as any other
iii. twice as big as any other

(b) Mr Wonka had invented________.

i. a new chocolate making machine
ii. over two-hundred kinds of chocolate bars
iii. a chocolate hut

(c) The oldest of the four grandparents was_________.

i. Grandma Josephine
ii. Grandpa George
iii. Grandpa Joe

(d) Charlie had grandparents who_________.

i. all agreed that Mr Wonka was a fantastic chocolate maker
ii. did not know much about Mr Wonka
iii. did not want to share their knowledge with Charlie

Question 2: How do we know that Mr Wonka was famous throughout the world?

Answer: We know this because Mr Wonka sent his chocolates to all the four corners of the world. Even the kings and the presidents of the world were fond of his chocolates.

Question 3: Write about Mr Wonka’s special invention which could do something that was otherwise impossible.

Answer: His special invention was a way of making special ice-cream so that it stayed cold for hours without being in the refrigerator.

Question 4: Who was listening quietly to the conversation between Charlie and his grandparents?

Answer: Mr and Mrs. Bucket, Charlie’s father and mother were quietly listening to the conversation between Charlie and his grandparents.

Question 5: What was Grandpa Joe’s condition before and after his grandson came into the room?

Answer: Grandpa Joe was extremely old and he was delicate and weak. Throughout the day, he spoke very little. However, when Charlie came in the evening, he seemed in some marvellous way to grow quite young.

So, these were Mr Willy Wonka’s Factory Questions & Answers.

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