Kindness Repaid in Gold Questions & Answers

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Kindness Repaid in Gold Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Upstream – opposite to the direction in which a river or stream flows
  • Instant – a very short time
  • Clinging – to hold on to something or someone tightly
  • Couple – two people who are married to each other
  • Slyly – secretly
  • Intense – very strong or deep
  • Scraped – to remove something from the surface by forceful strokes
  • Yelps – sharp shrill bark of a dog
  • Uncovered – to remove the cover
  • Envy – feeling or showing a desire to have what someone else has
  • Sniff – to smell
  • Astonishment – a feeling of being very surprised
  • Creepy crawlies – insect that give you a feeling of fear or dislike
  • Wicked – evil

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The old man and his wife lived in a small village in _____________

i. Japan
ii. India
iii. China

(b) While washing clothes, the old woman saw a ____________

i. pup
ii. cub
iii. kitten

(c) Ken had a shining ________ collar around his neck.

i. black
ii. red
iii. yellow

(d) The neighbours were very _________ to the pup.

i. kind
ii. unkind
iii. generous

(e) Ken began to bark under an _______________ tree.

i. apple
ii. oak
iii. mango

(f) The old man uncovered ____________ .

i. gold bricks
ii. creepy crawlies
iii. jewels

Question 2: Why did the old woman go to the river? What did she see there?

Answer: The old woman went to the river to wash clothes. She saw a small white pup on a piece of log coming towards her.

Question 3: What did the old man his wife name the pup? How did they look after him?

Answer: The old man and his wife named him Ken. They bought a red collar for him, fed him plenty of vegetables and rice and sometimes fish.

Question 4: Where did the old man take ken and why? What did Ken do there?

Answer: The old man took Ken to the mountains to collect firewood. Ken played happily there, chased rabbits and other creatures. Then, he started barking loudly and digging the ground beneath a huge oak tree.

Question 5: What happened when the old man began to dig under the oak tree?

Answer: When the old man began to dig, his spade struck a hard metal and on scraping the earth with bare hands, he found gold bricks.

Question 6: How did the neighbour react when he saw the gold bricks? What did he ask from the old man?

Answer: When the neighbour saw the gold bricks, he was filled with envy. He asked the old man to give Ken to him so that the pup can help the wicked man to find gold.

Question 7: What did the neighbour find instead of gold?

Answer: The neighbour found a lot of worms and other creepy crawlies instead of gold.

Question 8: Give one word:

(a) A baby dog – pup
(b) Wood used for fuel – firewood
(c) Unkind person – mean
(d) Another word for nearing – approaching
(e) One living next door – neighbour
(f) A tool used for digging – spade
(g) One who wants more and more – greedy
(h) Very great or very strong – intense
(i) Opposite of like – dislike
(j) The opposite direction to the way in which the water flows – upstream
(k) Wanting more than you really need – greedy
(l) To remove something from a surface by moving something sharp and hard like a knife across it – scraped
(m) Happening immediately – instant
(n) Two – couple

So, these were Kindness Repaid in Gold Questions & Answers.

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