The Coming Of Mowgli Questions & Answers

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The Coming Of Mowgli Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Contentedly – happily
  • Gurgling – hollow bubbling sound
  • Rustling – soft crackling sound
  • Approval – acceptance
  • Retorted – to reply sharply

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The word cunning means________.

i. sly
ii. clever
iii. angry

(b) The word pondering means________.

i. slow and clumsy
ii. solving
iii. thinking over

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) We have no food to give you either, said an annoyed Father Wolf.
(b) She sprang forward threateningly.
(c) Shere Khan is right….said Father Wolf gravely.

Question 3: Why was Tabaqui, the Jackal an unwelcome visitor?

Answer: Tabaqui was an unwelcome guest as he was a troublemaker and full of cunning. He also told tales.

Question 4: Describe the little baby as he appeared from the bushes?

Answer: The little baby was small, naked and brown. He could just walk. He came gurgling and smiling at the wolf family.

Question 5: What did Father Wolf do with the baby?

Answer: Father Wolf picked up the naked baby boy with his teeth, without hurting him and laid him by Mother Wolf’s side.

Question 6: Who named the baby and what did the name mean?

Answer: Mother Wolf named him Mowgli which means the frog.

Question 7: What did Mother Wolf hope the baby would do in the future?

Answer: She hoped that Mowgli would hunt Shere Khan one day.

Question 8: Write the meanings of the following idioms:

(a) To smell a rat

Answer: To get suspicious

(b) To mind one’s Ps and Qs

Answer: To be careful how one behaves

(c) To blow one’s own trumpet

Answer: To boast about oneself

(d) To turn over a new leaf

Answer: To lead a new life

(e) To make a mountain out of a mole

Answer: To make a small difficulty appear like a big one

(f) To let the cat out of the bag

Answer: To let a secret out

(g) To have a bee in one’s bonnet

Answer: To be possessed by a strange idea

(h) To get into hot water

Answer: To get into trouble

So, these were The Coming Of Mowgli Questions & Answers.

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