Oh Butterfly Where Do You Go Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Oh Butterfly Where Do You Go Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Heather Scott where he has described the innocence of child and her assumptions for butterfly.

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Oh Butterfly Where Do You Go Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Overhead – above someone’s head
  • Pupae – an insect that is in the stage of development between larva and an adult
  • Windowsill – a narrow shelf at the bottom of a window
  • Miller – a person who works or is in charge of a flour mill

Question 1: When does the poet see the butterfly?

Answer: The poet sees the butterfly when the sun shines overhead.

Question 2: Describe the wings of the butterfly?

Answer: The wings of the butterfly are as soft as butter.

Question 3: How do the butterflies make sounds with their wings?

Answer: The butterflies beat upon the poet’s windowsill and make a noise that the poet can hear.

Question 4: Where does the poet not see the pupae?

Answer: The poet cannot see the pupae on the miller’s mill.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

Yet, when shines the moon, Why am I alone?

(a) Why is the poet alone at night?

Answer: The poet is alone as the butterfly is not there.

(b) What else does the poet see at night?

Answer: The poet sees stars shining at night.

(c) What are the sounds and sights the poet misses at night?

Answer: He misses the sound made by the soft wings of the butterfly on the windowsill and he cannot see the pupae at the miller’s mill.

Question 6: Give one word for the following:

(a) Another word for often – frequently
(b) An insect in the inactive stage of development – pupae
(c) To move or flap the wings quickly without flying – flutter
(d) Opposite of the word sunrise – sunset
(e) A building meant for grinding grain to flour – mill

So, these were Oh Butterfly Where Do You Go Questions & Answers.

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