The Magic Coins Questions & Answers

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The Magic Coins Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Change – money returned as the balance
  • Advice – opinion
  • Advised – to guide
  • Envious – jealous
  • Enchanted – a state of being under a magical spell
  • Cast a spell – to cause magic with a form of words thought to have magical power
  • Work of art – a piece of art
  • Miraculous – extraordinary
  • Relic – memento
  • Potion – a drink with healing powers
  • Depressed – very sad
  • Determined – strong willed
  • Leapt – to jump up

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) In place of the enchanted coins, people saw __________.

i. jewellery
ii. books
iii. healing potion

(b) The neighbour sent away his nephew after learning of his _________.

i. faithfulness
ii. disloyalty
iii. obedience

(c) When he had found no honest person, the rich man was_________.

i. depressed
ii. angry
iii. relieved

(d) When the youth returned the coin to the rich man, it acted like the most miraculous _______’

i. cure
ii. poison
iii. spell

Question 2: What advice was the rich man given and by whom?

Answer: The rich man’s friend advised him that the next time, he sold something and gave the customer his change, he must give more than the needed change and wait to see if the person returned the extra money. If the person returned the extra money, then he would be an honest man.

Question 3: Why didn’t a single customer return the enchanted coins?

Answer: Due to the magic spell on the coins, the customer who got the coins back from the rich man saw in them the thing that they wanted most in the world. As a result, no one returned the extra money.

Question 4: Why did the neighbour’s nephew not return the money?

Answer: The neighbour’s nephew saw in the coins all the possessions and honours of his own uncle which he himself desired. So, he could not return the coins.

Question 5: What did the youth who had been raised in the old man’s house see in place of money?

Answer: Instead of the money, the youth saw a powerful medicine which would cure the old man.

So, these were The Magic Coins Questions & Answers.

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