Uncle Ken Questions & Answers

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Uncle Ken Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rambling – (a house) extending over a large area
  • Helpings – portions of food
  • Tremendous – very large in size
  • Even – equal
  • Eccentric – (a person) showing strange or unusual behaviour
  • Jam tart – an open pie with jam filling
  • Charging – to rush forward
  • Taken back – to be surprised
  • Swarm – a group of many insects

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The town where Granny lived was_____________

i. on top of the Himalayas
ii. in the plains
iii. where the great plain ended and Himalayas began

(b) Uncle Ken was Granny’s ____________

i. brother
ii. niece
iii. nephew

(c) The little boy took all the apple sauce because _______________

i. he was angry with Uncle Ken
ii. he loved apple sauce
iii. he was a selfish boy

(d) Uncle Ken would leave Granny’s house when_____________

i. she would offer him a job in a school
ii. he would be tired of Granny’s food
iii. the little boy visited Granny

Question 2: When would Uncle Ken move out of Granny’s house and why?

Answer: When Granny offered Uncle Ken a job as an assistant master in Padre Lal’s Academy for Small Boys, he would leave.

Question 3: Describe what happened when Granny served roast duck to Uncle Ken and the little boy?

Answer: When Granny served the roast duck, Uncle Ken took two large helping and ate most of the stuffing in spite of knowing that the author loved it. As a result, the author emptied all the apple sauce on his own plate knowing that Uncle Ken was crazy about it.

Question 4: What made Uncle Ken run?

Answer: Uncle Ken had disturbed the wild bees in their hive in silk- cotton tree. Hence, the bees charged at him and made him run.

Question 5: Do you think the little boy liked Uncle Ken? Give an instance to support your answer.

Answer: No, the boy was not fond of Uncle Ken as he wished that Uncle Ken was someone else’s uncle and not his.

Question 6: Give one word:

(a) Someone who cooks – chef
(b) An expert in history – historian
(c) An expert in mathematics – mathematician
(d) Someone who directs movies – director
(e) Someone who takes photographs – photographer
(f) An expert in geology – geologist
(g) An expert in biology – biologist
(h) Someone who acts – actor

Question 7: Give antonyms:

  • Best x worst
  • Wide x narrow
  • Often x rarely
  • Emptying x filling
  • Joining x leaving
  • Nervous x confident
  • Began x finished
  • Enemies x friends
  • Pleasant x unpleasant
  • Costly x cheap
  • Tight x loose
  • Interesting x boring
  • Cheap x expensive
  • Curly x straight
  • Foolish x intelligent
  • Proud x humble
  • Soft x hard
  • Wide x narrow
  • Alive x dead

So, these were Uncle Ken Questions & Answers.

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