Trees By Harry Behn Questions & Answers

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Trees By Harry Behn Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Boughs – branches
  • Beams – rays of the sun
  • Lullaby – a song that makes babies sleep
  • Floats – (here) moves

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a)……………..are the kindest things I know.

i. Trees
ii. Animals
iii. Men

(b) They are…………….when day began.

i. first
ii. second
iii. last

(c) They are the………………to hold the light.

i. first
ii. last
iii. fourth

Question 2: Write true or false:

(a) Trees are first to welcome the sun – True
(b) Trees are unkind to human beings – False
(c) Trees are kind because the sun is kind to them – True
(d) Birds sing a lullaby – False
(e) Trees go to sleep before the sun set – False

Question 3: Who is ‘I’ in the poem?

Answer: The poet Harry Behn is ‘I’ in the poem.

Trees By Harry Behn Questions & Answers

Question 4: How do the trees show kindness to animals and birds?

Answer: The trees show kindness to animals by providing shade and spread the boughs for birds.

Question 5: What do trees give us?

Answer: Trees give us fruit, wood and leaves. They give shade to animals and human beings and shelter to birds.

Question 6: What is the tree compared to in this poem?

Answer: The tree is compared to a mother who sings lullaby for her sleepy children.

Question 7: Where do the birds builds their nests?

Answer: The birds build their nests among the boughs (branches).

Question 8: What is the poet’s attitude towards the trees?

Answer: The poet opines that the trees are very much useful not only for human beings but also for the animals and birds. He says that they are the kindest things on the earth. His attitude is to show his gratitude to trees.

Question 9: Why do the trees look beautiful during both morning and evening?

Answer: The trees look beautiful during morning when the first beams of the sun fall on them, similarly in the evening the trees hold the last ray of the sun which is delicate and tender.

Question 10: How do trees behave like a kind person?

Answer: Trees are the kindest things because they don’t harm anyone and help birds, animals, man and environment selflessly.

Question 11: What is the most touching stanza in the poem? Why do you think so?

Answer: The most touching stanza is the last one as it tells us how it hums a lullaby for little sleepy children like a mother.

Question 12: Describe the three acts of kindness shown by trees.

Answer: Three acts of kindness shown by trees are:
i. Trees are harmless and simply grow.
ii. They give shade to all.
iii. Birds gather on their boughs.
iv. Trees give leaves to burn on Halloween.

So, these were Trees By Harry Behn Questions & Answers.

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