Koneru Humpy Questions & Answers

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Koneru Humpy Questions & Answers

Born on 31st March, 1987 in Andhra Pradesh, Koneru Humpy is the best woman at the chess board that our nation has ever produced. Among the female chess players, she holds the world No. 2 rank. When she was 5 years old, she was attracted to chess and spotting her extraordinary skills, her father gave up his job so as to concentrate fully on her. Koneru Humpy is one of the greatest women chess players in the world.

Question 1: At present, who according to you is the youngest woman Grandmaster? Why?

Answer: According to me, Hou Yifan is the youngest woman Grandmaster in the world because she has achieved this feat at the age of 14 years 6 months. By doing this, she has broken Humpy’s record.

Question 2: What was Humpy’s first remarkable achievement?

Answer: Humpy won the under 8 National Chess Championship in the year 1995. This was Humpy’s first remarkable achievement.

Question 3: What qualities would have helped Humpy to reach the top in chess?

Answer: Diligence, precision, consistency, perseverance are some qualities that would have helped Humpy to reach the top in chess. For every aspirant’s success in life, these are the pre-requisites.

Question 4: Was Humpy’s father right in giving up his job for Humpy? What would you have done?

Answer: Yes, Humpy’s father right in giving up his job for Humpy. If I were in his place, I would have done the same. His decision proved right as Humpy became the World Champion under her father’s guidance. She has accomplished a lot in the World Women’s Chess Championships.

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