Environmental Pollution Questions & Answers

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Environmental Pollution Questions & Answers

Question 1: What are the various factors that pollute our environment?

Answer: The various factors that pollute our environment are industrial wastes, household refuse, dumped plastics, smoke from cars and factories, untreated sewage and the unwise use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Question 2: What is the difference between present-day pollution and the pollution in Middle Ages?

Answer: Pollution in Middle Ages was due to ignorance and illiteracy. People then didn’t know the value of living in healthy and hygienic conditions. But the pollution in modern times is the result of man’s greed for more and more wealth, people are setting up more and more factories and producing more and more industrial wastes by which they are polluting the air, land as well as water.

Question 3: How do factories pollute our land, air and water?

Answer: Factories produce new goods for the people to buy. People buy these new goods and throw away their old ones with the household rubbish. Tipping this refuse on land makes an unpleasant sight and gives a foul smell. Burning it pollutes the air; and dumping it in rivers and seas pollutes the water.

Question 4: How is it difficult to get rid of plastics?

Answer: Plastics are not biodegradable. In other words, they don’t decay through the action of bacteria. Wood and paper decay after some time, but plastics never decay. Their waste goes on accumulating in the form of used shampoo bottles, bags, worn-out slippers, etc. Thus, it becomes very difficult to get rid of plastics.

Question 5: What harm can waste plastics do?

Answer: Plastic is often taken for food by birds, animals and fish, leading to their death. It also chokes our sewer pipes, and then the dirty smelly water starts flowing out of manholes.

Question 6: What does the incident of Love Canal show? What lesson do we learn from it?

Answer: The incident of Love Canal shows that the dumping of plastics and chemicals in pits can prove terribly dangerous. They not only pollute the land, but also start giving out poisonous chemicals after some time. These chemicals can cause dangerous diseases like cancer. The incident of Love Canal teaches us that we should not dump plastics and chemicals in places where humans live.

Question 7: Why have world’s oceans been called ‘dustbins’?

Answer: Millions of tonnes of rubbish are dumped into the seas every year. The rivers, too, carry all our sewage and pour it into the seas. That is why the world’s oceans have been called ‘dustbins’.

Question 8: How can too much sewage harm marine life?

Answer: We know that oxygen is slightly soluble in water. It is this dissolved oxygen that fishes and other water animals breathe, and can thus live in water. If too much of sewage is poured into the seas, the water can no longer dilute it. All the dissolved oxygen in water is used up by the bacteria. When there is no oxygen left, these bacteria and also the fish and other animals living in the water begin to die. Thus, pouring too much sewage into the seas is harmful for all marine life.

Question 9: How can the use of chemical fertilizers prove harmful?

Answer: Farmers often use chemical fertilizers to increase the produce of their land. When there is heavy rain, the chemicals in these fertilizers can be washed from the soil into rivers. Then in water they make algae grow fast that the river can get choked and kill all life in it. Thus, the use of chemical fertilizers can prove harmful.

Question 10: What makes it difficult to get rid of pollution?

Answer: People like the idea of reducing pollution, but they are not prepared to follow the ways that can reduce pollution. For example, they know that the use of plastics and aerosols is dangerous, but none would stop using or making them. That is why it is not easy to get rid of pollution.

So, these were Environmental Pollution Questions & Answers.

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