Everybody’s Water Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Everybody’s Water Questions & Answers.

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Everybody’s Water Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

Breaking news, live and exclusive on Earth TV. All the water has disappeared from our planet.

(a) Who says these lines?

Answer: The TV Journalist says these lines.

(b) In your own words, explain what ‘breaking news’ means.

Answer: ‘Breaking news’ means the most recent, urgent and important news. It is something that may disrupt the normal course of life.

(c) List the four water sources that had run dry at the start of the play.

Answer: The tap, the well, the hand pump and the pot are the four water sources that had run dry at the start of the play.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

GROUNDWATER: I have something to say. You don’t forget to recharge your phones, do you? You don’t forget to eat and recharge your energy, do you?

(a) To whom is Groundwater speaking?

Answer: The Groundwater is speaking to Everybody.

(b) What are the two things Groundwater lists in these lines? Why are these things easy to remember?

Answer: The two things that Groundwater lists in these lines is recharging phones and eating food to recharge the body. These things are easy to remember because we do them very frequently.

(c) What else does Groundwater want us to remember?

Answer: Groundwater wants us to throw spare or waste water on the ground or soil.

Question 3: Why did Water decide to take Everybody to court?

Answer: Water decided to take Everybody to court because it wanted to make them realise how they were misusing the water. Also because water wanted Everybody to treat it wisely and kindly.

Question 4: List any three complaints of the sources of water.

Answer: The three complaints of the sources of water are:
i. Nobody cared to save the rainwater which is actually pouring from the clouds for Everybody and therefore, it gets wasted and dumped into sea without being used.
ii. Water bodies like Lakes are being dumped with chemicals and harmful materials because of which the water of the Lake becomes impure affecting the fish and other species of the lake as well.
iii. Everybody is digging borewells and sucking out water from different places in the ground but no one is thinking of recharging the soil or ground with water. Everybody is just busy taking away the water but not repaying it.

Question 5: What does Water wish for at the end of the play?

Answer: At the end of the play, Water wishes that Everybody just treats it wisely and kindly.

Question 6: What does the word recharge mean? What does the play teach us about ways to recharge the water in the ground?

Answer: The word recharge means to restore and regenerate. The play teaches us to throw any spare or waste water on the ground, and to plant more trees.

So, these were Everybody’s Water Questions & Answers.

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