Four Musicians of Bremen Questions & Answers

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Four Musicians of Bremen Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Fiddle – violin
  • Trotted – walked with short steps
  • Gloomy – sad
  • Glum – miserable
  • Peeped – looked quickly through a narrow opening
  • Devised – planned
  • Window-sill – the base of a window
  • Deafening – extremely noisy
  • Panicked – alarmed
  • Bolted – ran away suddenly
  • Useless – having no ability or skills
  • Spotted – saw
  • Roasting – cooking over a fire
  • Faint – dim

Question 1: What did the donkey decide to do after his master turned him out?

Answer: The donkey decided to go to Bremen to join the city band

Question 2: Why did the cat look gloomy?

Answer: The cat looked gloomy because his mistress turned him out as he was old and could not catch mice.

Question 3: Who did the four animals see in the house in the forest? What were they doing?

Answer: The four animals saw four robbers in the house in the forest. They were counting their loot.

Question 4: Why did the robbers bolt from the house?

Answer: When the robbers saw the four animals at the window, they thought it was a four-headed monster.

Question 5: What did the four animals decide to do finally?

Answer: The four animals decided not to go to Bremen. They lived in the house in peace and comfort for the rest of their lives.

Question 6: Why did the rooster run away from his master’s house?

Answer: The rooster ran away from his master’s house because he overheard his master and mistress talking about roasting him that night. 

Question 7: Where did the four animals reach after walking for some time?

Answer: The four animals reached the woods after walking for some time.

Question 8: Why did the robbers bolt from the house and escape into the woods?

Answer: The robbers bolted from the house and escaped into the woods when they saw the four animals in the window and thought it was a four headed monster.

Question 9: Match the cause to the effect.

a. The donkey was old and couldn’t worki. He decided to go to Bremen.
b. The donkey decided to join the city band.ii. The animals slept soundly.
c. The cat was too old to catch mice.iii. They panicked.
d. The robbers heard the deafening sound of the four animals.iv. His master turned him out.
e. They ate all the food on the table.v. Her mistress turned her out.
Answer: a-iv, b-i, c-v, d-iii, e-ii

Question 10: Tick the words which describe the given character.

(a) The Donkey 

i. grey, big, old
ii. white, young, sad
iii. small, old, happy

(b) The Dog

i. happy, young, black
ii. sad, young, brown
iii. sad, old, brown 

(c)  The cat

 i. young, cheerful, white
ii. old, gloomy, white
iii. young, sad, black

(d) The rooster

 i. sad, old, small
ii. large, sad, old
iii. young, happy, large

So, these were Four Musicians of Bremen Questions & Answers.

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