The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come Questions & Answers

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The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The three Spirits who haunted Scrooge were__________

i. Marley’s ghosts
ii. the spirits of Christmas
iii. ghosts of all the people he had mistreated
iv. ghosts from the past, present and future

(b) ‘The last to visit was the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.’ The ghost wanted to__________

i. teach Scrooge a lesson and punish him.
ii. see how Scrooge behaved with others.
iii. make Scrooge realize the consequence of his behaviour.
iv. show Scrooge what awaited him in the future.

(c) When Scrooge asked, “Are these all shadows of what WILL be or what MAY be?” he wanted to know if__________

i. there was a chance he could escape his fate
ii. could do something about the shadows
iii. it was certain or uncertain
iv. he could change himself

(d) Scrooge changed because__________

i. he felt pity for his fellow humans when the spirits showed him how they suffered.
ii. Marley’s ghost warned him to change his ways if he wanted to avoid suffering after death.
iii. he realized that he was friendless and would die unmourned.
iv. he realized he would suffer terribly if he did not sympathize with his fellow humans.

Question 2: Why did Marley’s Ghost visit Scrooge?

Answer: Marley was a late partner of Scrooge and one of his kinds, his ghost visited Scrooge to warn him that he still has a chance and hope of escaping his fate which meant that Marley was repenting the miserly life he had lived.

Question 3: How were young Scrooge’s days in the boarding school like?

Answer: The days of young Scrooge in the boarding school were miserable and lonely to the extent that he had lost the girl he loved. She had realized that he was a miser, concerned only for money.

Question 4: Why was Scrooge so afraid of the last Christmas spirit?

Answer: The last spirit to visit Scrooge was the ghost of Christmas yet to come who took him to the churchyard. He was covered in black from head to toe. He was terrified of the spirit because it was not replying to the questions asked by Scrooge instead kept pointing ahead.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come Questions & Answers

Question 5: Describe the spirits appearances? Did they match their purpose? Explain.

Answer: Scrooge was visited by three spirits. The first was the ghost of Christmas Past. It looked like a child, yet not so like a child but like an old man. Yes, it matched its purpose because it took Scrooge to the childhood days where he enjoyed his Christmases.

The next was the ghost of Christmas present who was a happy and cheerful ghost in a loose green robe bordered with white fur. Yes, it matched its purpose because it took Scrooge to the party organized by the poor people and to the party of Fred which he had rudely refused and called it a humbug. The third and the last ghost to visit was the ghost of Christmas future who was covered in black from head to toe. Its face was not visible except for his hands. Yes, it also matched its purpose because it took Scrooge to the graveyard showing him that he would be here in the future after his death.

Question 6: Why did the last spirit point to the grave?

Answer: The last spirit pointed towards the grave because it wanted to show Scrooge that he will be here after his death. The grave had Scrooge’s name written on it, which made him terrified.

Question 7: Which of the sight shown by the three spirits do you think would have affected Scrooge the most?

Answer: The sight by the third spirit had affected Scrooge the most because the third spirit took him to the churchyard where he saw his own grave. The main purpose of the spirit was to show how he will be in his future.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
“Spirit! “I am no longer the person I was”.

(a) Why did the speaker say this?

Answer: The speaker said this because now Ebenezer Scrooge had changed, now he was not a miserly and a rude man.

(b) How do you know he had changed?

Answer: We come to know that he had changed when he sent a huge Christmas turkey to Bob Crachit and attended Fred’s party also. He also gave a raise in the salary of Bob. He also looked after tiny Tim and he recovered from his illness.

Question 9: Do you think spirits were real? What may have caused Scrooge to see them?

Answer: No, the spirits were not real. It happened because Scrooge was haunted with these thoughts. Scrooge lived alone and never enjoyed any celebrations with his friends thus such thoughts came into his mind which scared him.

So, these were The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come Questions & Answers.

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