No Room For A Leopard Questions & Answers

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No Room For A Leopard Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Came rattling down – came down noisily
  • Poised on a rock – perched completely still on a rock
  • Quest for food – search for food
  • Thickets – groups of small bushes or trees
  • Stiff undertaking – difficult task
  • Quickening – here, increasing in volume
  • Nettles – plants with jagged leaves, covered with stinging hair
  • Crouched there in the dark – sitting and hiding in the dark
  • Cavern – cave

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The ravine was deep, so__________

i. it was full of light for most of the day
ii. it encouraged birds to emerge
iii. animals lived in it
iv. it remained in shadow for most of the day

(b) ‘A narrow path twisted its way down’ tells us that the__________

i. cottage was near the forest
ii. cottage was on top of the hill
iii. path went to the river
iv. cottage was at the bottom of the hill

(c) The langurs watched the narrator with curiosity because__________

i. he passed that way regularly
ii. he had come to the forest
iii. they wanted to know what he was doing
iv. he was a human being

(d) The narrator clapped his hands when he saw the leopard because__________

i. he was happy
ii. it was beautiful
iii. he wanted to give courage to himself
iv. he wanted to frighten it

(e) The narrator felt that the leopard showed trust and friendship by__________

i. not harming him when he went to its lair
ii. ignoring him altogether
iii. following him about
iv. turning its head towards him

Question 2: ‘The langurs were trying to warn me of some hidden danger.’ How did the langurs behave? What was the hidden danger?

Answer: The langurs were behaving in a very excited manner making loud chattering sound in the trees. This behavior was not of a usual kind because they were used to the presence of the narrator by that time in the forest so there was some other reason for their excitement. The hidden danger was the leopard who had sensed the narrator’s presence in the forest.

Question 3: What made the narrator feel that the leopard was following him around? Was it true that the leopard was following him?

Answer: The excited cause of the animals in the forest and the remains of the animals that the leopard had hunted in the forest made the narrator aware of the leopard’s presence. No, the leopard was not following him although the narrator was aware of the danger while he walked through the forest.

Question 4: What habits or behaviour of the leopard do you get to know about from the story?

Answer: The leopard hunted the other animals for its food but it does not choose to kill the narrator when it confronted although the narrator was unarmed and could easily be defeated. This shows that the leopard did not fear humans and did not hurt them without a reason. The leopard hid the remains of his meal after eating it. It is a swift animal which can move without making a sound, lives in caves and has a strong feline odour and bright eyes.

Question 5: How do you know the narrator is a nature lover?

Answer: It is very evident from the description of the forest given in the story that the narrator is a great nature lover and focuses on every detail of the forest in untamed and wild forms and the various diversities of the flora and fauna. He could recognise the animals with their cries, odour and footprints and showed great understanding and love for them. He never had the intension of hurting any animal and was sad to see that the innocent leopard was shot dead by the hunter without any reason.

No Room For A Leopard Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did the narrator not object to the hunters hunting in the forest?

Answer: The narrator was sure that nothing could demotivate the hunters from hunting the animals in the forest. He considered them ‘unpredictable’ and wanted to avoid them as much as possible. He stayed away from the hunters who shot the animals heedlessly and aimlessly in the forest and he realized that if he interferes them, he would fall into danger.

Question 7: ‘There were fewer birds to be seen and even the langurs had moved on.’ In your opinion, why had this happened?

Answer: There were fewer birds to be seen and even the langurs had moved on because he shot bullets continuously without knowing who they were aiming at. The animals must have realized the danger that they were in and so they moved away from the hunted forest.

Question 8: What do you think the narrator meant when he said that ‘the birds and animals knew their trust had been violated’?

Answer: The forest was the home of the animals hence when the hunters shot the other animals it destroyed the peace of their home and the trust that the birds and animals had put in the humans to respect the sanctity of their homes, was betrayed.

Question 9: ‘But did the leopard, trusting one man, make the mistake of trusting others?’ What mistake could the leopard have made?

Answer: The narrator loved nature and never had the intention of harming the leopard or encroaching it. So, he felt safe and thought that the leopard trusted him. When it was shot down by the hunters he wondered if at all leopards could trust any other human because it had not harmed the humans anyhow and was shot down without a reason. The mistake was not being cautious of the hunters which resulted in its death.

Question 10: ‘There was room in the world for a mountain lion and me.’ Why did these words echo in the narrator’s mind?

Answer: The narrator had spent time wandering in the forest which was inhabited by various species of wild animals. The narrator had been safe during the explorations and did not disturb the wild life and their habit in anyway. But the activities of the hunters led to the animals fleeing away from the forest sensing danger. This made the narrator think about the space that the humans and animals could have shared peacefully along with the natural features hence the words echoed in the narrator’s mind.

So, these were No Room For A Leopard Questions & Answers.

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