Game of Dice Questions & Answers

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Game of Dice Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Duryodhana sad?

Answer: Duryodhana was sad seeing the increasing wealth and power of Pandavas. His heart sank thinking that one day Yadhishtir would be the king.

Question 2: Describe the plan in Sakuni’s mind.

Answer: The plan in Sakuni’s mind was that Yudhisthir was fond of gambling but he was a fool at the game. He wouldn’t even know if they were deceived. Sakuni had a magical dice that did wonders to him.

Question 3: What was Duryodhana’s request to his father?

Answer: Duryodhana requested his father to invite Pandavas for a game of dice i.e. gambling.

Question 4: Why did Dhritrashtra say, ‘You are really Dharmaputra’?

Answer: Dhritrashtra said this because Yudhistar was a real Dharmaputra as he had always followed the right path.

Question 5: Why did Duryodhana say that uncle Sakuni will play at his place?

Answer: Duryodhana said this because he knew that he was no match for them. Also, Sakuni was a master in gambling with his magical dice.

Question 6: What did Vidura warn? Why?

Answer: Vidhura asked the king to order them to stop the game as he feared that the Pandavas would be ruined.  

Question 7: How did Sakuni win all the moves?

Answer: Sakuni went on winning with his tricks and his magical dice.

Question 8: What all did Yudhisthir lose in the game?

Answer: Yudhisthir lost all his wealth, palace and his kingdom.

Question 9: Name the wonderful palace.

Answer: Hall of games.

Question 10: Why was Dhritrashtra not allowing Duryodhana at first?

Answer: Dhritrashtra was not allowing Duryodhana at first because kings and princes should not gamble.

Question 11: Why did Yudhisthir accept the invitation for the game?

Answer: Yudhisthir accepted the invitation for the game because it was a royal order.

Question 12: Who all accompany Yudhisthir to the palace of his uncle?

Answer: Kunti, Draupadi, Subhadra and all the Pandava brothers accompanied him to the palace.

Question 13: Who all were present at the hall of games?

Answer: Nobles and princes had gathered to watch the match. Bhisma Pitamah, Dronacharya, Ashwatthama, Karna and the old king were also present.

Question 14: Why did Yudhisthir not accept his defeat even when he was defeating each and everything?

Answer: Yudhisthir did not accept his defeat even when he was defeating each and everything because he was blind with anger.

Question 15: What did Bhishma Pitamah say at last?

Answer: At last, Bhisma Pitamah asked was there nobody to stop the game.

Question 16: Who said the following words and to whom?

1. “I have lost all peace of mind.”

Answer: Duryodhana said to Shakuni.

2.“You will be the king of Hastinapur.”

Answer: Shakuni said to Duryodhana.

3. “But I cannot refuse the royal invitation.”

Answer: Yudhisthir said to Vidur.

4. “My sons, come and embrace me.”

Answer: Dhritrashtra said to Pandavas

5. “You should play yourself.”

Answer: Yudhisthir said to Duryodhana.

6. “l too stake the whole of my wealth.”

Answer: Shakuni said to Yudhisthir.

7. “The Pandavas will be ruined.”

Answer:  Vidhura said to Dhritrashtra.

8. “Have you nothing more to stake?”

Answer: Shakuni said to Yudhisthir.

Question 17: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. Duryodhanaa. Duryodhana’s maternal uncle
2. Sakunib. The eldest Pandava
3. Dhritrashtrac. The eldest among the Kauravas
4. Yudhisthird. Stepbrother of Dhritrashtra, a wise man
5. Draupadie. Duryodhana’s blind father
6. Vidur f. Wife of the Pandavas
7. Bhishma Pitamahg. Son of king Pandu
8. Pandavash. Grand uncle of the Pandavas and Kauravas

 Answer: 1-c, 2-a, 3-e, 4-b, 5-f, 6-d, 7-h, 8-g

So, these were Game of Dice Questions & Answers.

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