Good Habits and Bad Habits Questions & Answers

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Good Habits and Bad Habits Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Sohan and Sumit studied in the same school in different classes – False
2. Sohan fought with other boys but not Sumit – False
3. Sumit’s mother never tried to change his bad habits – False
4. Sumit had an amazing pencil box which he lost – True
5. All the classmates helped Sumit to look for his school bag – True

Question 2: What was the difference between Sohan and Sumit?

Answer: Sohan was well-mannered, who never fought with anyone and took good care of his belongings whereas Sumit was quarrelsome by nature and never knew where his things were.

Question 3: Who tried to change Sumit’s bad habits?

Answer: Sumit’s mother tried to change his bad habits.

Question 4: What happened one day?

Answer: One day, Sumit lost his school bag with his books and the musical pencil box.

Question 5: Was Sumit’s bag found? Where was it found?

Answer: Yes, Sumit’s bag was found. It was behind the bushes in the playground.

Question 6: Sumit was also a careless boy. Which sentence in the lesson tells you this?

Answer: “Sumit lost his bag in the playground during the lunch break.” This sentence shows that Sumit was a careless boy.

Question 7: What will happen if we misbehave with our friends?

Answer: If we misbehave with our friends, they will feel bad and will not remain our friends anymore.

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