Gulliver’s Travels Questions & Answers

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Gulliver’s Travels Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Gulliver land up on the island of Lilliput?

Answer: Gulliver was a young English man. He was a surgeon by profession but his heart lay in travel. While sailing, rocked about by ragging waves, winds and rain his ship headed straight for some large rocks. Just before it smashed into the rocks, Gulliver was thrown off the Deck. He lost consciousness as he hit the water and landed on the island of Lilliput.

Question 2: When Gulliver gained consciousness, what did he find? Describe his situation.

Answer: When Gulliver gained consciousness, he found himself tied with ropes. He couldn’t move. He looked down at himself and found that there were two strings running right across his body, tying him firmly to the ground.

Question 3: How did the Lilliput look after Gulliver and what did he do in return for them?

Answer: The Lilliputians served him baskets of fruit, meet and barrels of delicious drink. When the people of Lilliput saw that Gulliver was a friend, they came out in thousands to see him. They Climbed all over his body using Ladders. Gulliver helped them to defeat the Army of Blefuscu.

Question 4: How did Gulliver capture the fleet of Blefuscu and what happened to them?

Answer: With the help of the Lilliputian soldiers, Gulliver made a huge net. Then, he waded into the sea. The enemy who were also as tiny as the Lilliputians, were terrified when they saw a mountain like man make his way to them. They tried their best to back off but Gulliver captured them in his net. The entire Army of Blefuscu was made prisoner.

Question 5: Why was the king upset when Gulliver wanted to leave? Why did he agree to let him go?

Answer: Gulliver was indeed a good friend to have so the king was upset when he wanted to leave. But Lilliput could not afford him anymore. They could not feed him the quantities of food a man of his size required. Thus, the king thought it might be wiser to let him go.

Gulliver’s Travels Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

Gulliver struggled…………………not move.

(a) How had Gulliver found himself in this situation?

Answer: Gulliver was sailing when he encountered a storm. His ship dashed against some rocks and he fell out of the ship onto an island and became unconscious.

(b) How did Gulliver manage to get free of the strings that tied him down?

Answer: Gulliver requested the Lilliputians to set him free by convincing them that he was going to meet the king graciously.

(c) Describe the scene when Gulliver regained consciousness.

Answer: After Gulliver requested the Lilliputians to set him free, soon more than a thousand men dragged Gulliver and put him on an enormous platform they had built. Then, with the help of another thousand men, they dragged the platform to their King.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

What is the…………………. everyone shouting?

(a) What was the noise and why had Gulliver been summoned?

Answer: Lilliputians had been attacked by the army of Blefuscu. Thus, the Lilliputians were worried and made a lot of noise. Gulliver was summoned to help the Lilliputians fight the army of Blefuscu.

(b) How did Gulliver solve the problem for the Lilliputians?

Answer: Gulliver defeated the army by trapping all of them in a net.

(c) What did the Emperor want to do with the army of Blefuscu and what advice did Gulliver give him?

Answer: The king wanted to make them his slaves. Gulliver did not like this idea and advised the king to set them free and sign a treaty of peace.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

The boat ……………….it was ready.

(a) Why was the boat being made? Describe the process.

Answer: Gulliver wanted to return to his homeland. So, the king ordered his people to make a boat. Five hundred workmen were given the task of making sails for his boat. Gulliver himself carved the boat out of a great plank, using an enormous stone as an anchor. The boat took a month to be made.

(b) What were the things that Gulliver carried back with him and why?

Answer: Gulliver carried with him tiny animals to show to his family.

(c) Why did Gulliver want to return home? Describe what happened when he met his family and friends.

Answer: Gulliver wanted to return home since he was missing his family. When he finally reached the shores of his homeland, his family wept tears of joy.

So, these were Gulliver’s Travels Questions & Answers.

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