How The Leopard Got His Spots Questions & Answers

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How The Leopard Got His Spots Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Veldt – open grasslands in southern Africa
  • Tufts – bunches
  • Speckly – covered with small spots
  • Game – wild animals hunted for food
  • Knocked down – hit someone and make them fall to the ground
  • Puzzled – confused
  • Scramble – trying to move quickly but with great difficulty
  • Hollows – holes
  • Chestnut – brown-coloured

Question 1: Describe the High Veldt.

Answer: The High Veldt was full of sand, rock and bushes of sandy-yellowish grass.

Question 2: Why was the sandy colour of the leopard bad for the giraffe and the zebra?

Answer: The colour of the leopard matched to the colour of the High Veldt. This was bad for the giraffe and zebra as the leopard would lie down by a yellow stone or clump on the ground and attack them.

Question 3: How did the Ethiopian and the leopard hunt?

Answer: The Ethiopian hunted with the bow and arrow and the leopard by his teeth and claws.

Question 4: What happened to the zebra and the giraffe after they came to the forest?

Answer: When they came to the forest, the zebra became stripy and the giraffe grew blotchy.

Question 5: Who did the Ethiopian and the leopard go for the advice and why?

Answer: The Ethiopian and the leopard went to the Baviaan, the dog-headed, barking baboon as he was the wisest animal in all of the Southern Africa.

Question 6: How did the zebra and the giraffe escape after being caught by the leopard and the Ethiopian?

Answer: After being caught by the Ethiopian, the zebra went to some thorny bushes where the sunlight fell in stripes. The giraffe went off to some tallish trees where the shadows were all blotchy.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘What is this? It is so dark, yet so full of little pieces of sunlight.’

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The leopard said this to the Ethiopian.

(b) What is the speaker describing?

Answer: The speaker is describing the tall forest which is full of tree trunks.

(c) Why had they come to that place?

Answer: They had come to that place in search of the giraffe who had left the place they lived in.

Question 8: What did the Ethiopian decide to change to and why?

Answer: Ethiopian decided to change his skin into a dark colour because it will help him hide in hollows and behind trees.

Question 9: How did the Ethiopian make spots on the leopard’s skin?

Answer: The Ethiopian made spots on the leopard’s skin by putting his five fingers close together and pressing it all over the leopard.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

‘I’ll make them with the tips of my fingers’.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The Ethiopian said to the leopard.

(b) What will the speaker make?

Answer: The speaker will make spots on the body of the leopard.

(c) Why does the listener need these on its body?

Answer: The listener needed these on its body so that the other animals would not be able to see him.

Question 11: According to the Ethiopian, how could the leopard blend with his surroundings with his new spots?

Answer: According to the Ethiopian, the leopard could lie on the bare ground and look like a heap of pebbles and lie on a leafy branch and look like sunshine passing through the leaves.

So, these were How The Leopard Got His Spots Questions & Answers.

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