I Run Away To Dover Questions & Answers

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I Run Away To Dover Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is unfortunate experience that David suffers on his way to coach station?

Answer: David hired a young man to help him move his box to the coach station but unfortunately for him, the man steals his money and possessions.

Question 2: Where does David decide to run away? What does he do for money that he requires?

Answer: David decides to run away to his aunt’s house. He decides to get there even if he has to walk all the way. But, on the way, on seeing a shop which bought old clothes, he sells his waistcoat for nine pence.

Question 3: What was the name of David’s old school? Why did he decide to spend the night near school?

Answer: The name of David’s old school was Salem House. He decided to spend the night near his old school because he felt some comfort to have the boys so near him.

Question 4: Where did David sleep the next night? Why did he not go to a lodging house instead?

Answer: The next night, David slept upon a kind of grass-grown battery over hanging a lane; he was happy to hear the footsteps of the sentry walking to and fro and slept soundly there. He did not take lodging because he did not want to spend even a few pence from the small amount of money he had.

Question 5: Briefly describe David’s experiences at the pawn-shop in Chatham. What aspect of his nature appears at this point of time?

Answer: David wanted to sell his jacket at the pawn shop for money; but as he entered the ugly old shopkeeper seized him by the hair and asked him what he wanted. David told him that he wanted to sell his jacket. The shopkeeper had a queer way of uttering ‘oh my limbs, oh my liver, oh my eyes and limbs’ and every time he uttered these words he appeared to jerk – this scared David more than ever. The shopkeeper kept offering an exchange rather than money, but David humbly told him he wanted money and nothing else. Despite his fear, he told the shopkeeper he would sit outside and wait. The shopkeeper tried his best to make exchange but David renamed resolute. At last, he paid him a few pence at a time trying to bargain each time. Finally, David was paid the money and he went on his way.

David is firm and resolute; despite the intimidating shopkeeper he maintains his calm and acquires the amount of money he required so desperately.

Question 6: In what way was David’s journey on the second day both pleasant and dangerous? What precaution did David learn to take to protect himself?

Answer: The second day, David route to Dover was through a string of hop-grounds and orchards, rich with ripe red apples. David found it very beautiful as he walked through and planned to sleep among the hops that night.

On the unpleasant side, the trampers were worse than ever that day; they stared at him, called out to him and when he began to run, they started to stone him. As a result, he began to hide from them when he saw them from a distance until they were out of sight.

I Run Away To Dover Questions & Answers

Question 7: What was David’s experience when he arrived in Dover? How did David assess his situation and his feelings?

Answer: David had reached the outskirts of the town. He enquired about his aunt among the shopkeepers but the people, not liking his appearance, ignored him and without hearing what he had to say, replied that they wanted nothing to do with him. This made him feel more miserable than ever, with no money on him, nothing to sell for money either; he felt hungry, thirsty and tired. All this added to his feeling that he was still far away from his destination, as if he was still in London.

Question 8: How did David describe himself as he stood waiting at his aunt’s garden gate?

Answer: David had walked all the way to Dover from London and on reaching his aunt’s garden-gate, he realised that he was in a miserable condition; his shoes had lost their soles, the upper leather had torn at the seams, his shirt and trousers were stained with mud, grass and sweat and torn from having slept in the open. His hair was uncombed; face, neck and hands were sunburnt. To make matters worse, he was powdered from head to foot with white chalk and dust.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

I trudged on miserably until…………………….were bought at best price.

(a) Where was the narrator going? Name the protagonist.

Answer: The narrator was going to Dover to his aunt Betsy. The protagonist is David Copperfield.

(b) Why was he miserable?

Answer: He was miserable because he had been robbed of his money and possessions by the young man, he had hired to help him travel to the coach station.

(c) Despite his distress what decision and action does he take?

Answer: Despite his misery, he decided to go to Dover, even if he has to walk all the way.

(d) As he happened to pass a little shop, he read a notice. What action did he take immediately?

Answer: As David passed a shop, he saw a notice that read ladies’ and gentlemen’s wardrobes were bought at the best price. David took off his waistcoat, rolled it neatly under his arm and went to the shop door. Here, he told the shopkeeper that he wanted to sell it for a fair price.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

I got that day, through three-and-twenty miles……………….’Lodgings for Travellers’ had tempted me.

(a) Explain ‘I was new to that kind of toil’.

Answer: The ‘kind of toil’ mentioned above is the long-distance cross-country walking David had done to reach Dover and this being his first experience, it was laborious for him.

(b) What was his progress with that kind of toil? What do you admire about David at this juncture of this story?

Answer: David had walked for twenty-three miles. He has shown endurance, perseverance, determination and courage to have walked so many miles despite his sore feet and exhaustion. He has proved to be practical, by selling his waistcoat to have some money for his requirements.

(c) David is tempted by the notice ‘Lodging for Travellers’. Why doesn’t he avail himself on the facility?

Answer: David had very little money and was afraid of spending it on lodgings. He decided to save it by sleeping in the open again.

(d) Where does David sleep that night? Why does he choose this particular spot?

Answer: David slept upon a kind of grass-grown battery overhanging a lane. Here, a sentry was walking up and down; it made him happy to hear the footsteps of the sentry because he felt someone was close by.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

The old man made many attempts to induce…………….for my money or my jacket.

(a) Who is the old man? Describe the old man.

Answer: The old man is the pawn-shopkeeper. He was an ugly old man; the lower part of his face was covered with a stubbly grey beard. His hands trembled and he wore spectacles. He had a habit of saying ‘oh, my eyes and limbs, oh my liver’ every time he said this his eyes seemed to be in danger of starting (jerking) out. David found him very intimidating and difficult to bargain with.

(b) What did the old man offer to tempt David into making an exchange? Why do you think he kept trying to tempt him?

Answer: The old man offered him a fishing rod, a hat and a flute in exchange for his jacket. The old man kept offering exchanges because he would profit by that and not have to pay out money in buying the jacket.

(c) How did David react to these offers each time?

Answer: David resisted all the offers and sat outside the shop in fear and each time the shopkeeper offered an exchange, David with tearful eyes, asked for his money or his jacket.

(d) How did they finally close the deal? What did he do after getting his money?

Answer: The deal was finally closed at a shilling and four pence. David spent three pence to refresh himself and then limped seven miles towards Dover.

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