Ice Cream Man Questions & Answers

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Ice Cream Man Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Treat – (here) a delightful thing to eat
  • Blaze – (here) strong and bright (like fire)
  • Trundling – rolling or moving noisily
  • Mounds – heaps
  • Chilly – cold
  • Cluster – (here) gather around

Question 1: Fill in the blanks.

1. Everyone’s favourite person during the hot summers is the Ice cream man, who sells ice creams and cold drinks.
2. The ice cream cart has a round umbrella above it.
3. The ice cream man has ice cream in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours.
4. The ice cream man also carries bottles of chilled fizzy drinks. The colours of the drinks are green, orange, white and pink.

Question 2: What does the poet say is joyful to see?

Answer: The poet said that it is joyful to see the ice cream man with his little cart going trundling down the street.

Question 3: Do you think the ice cream cart is parked in one place on the streets? Give a reason for your answer/write the sentence that tells you the answer.

Answer: Yes, the ice cream cart is parked in one place on the street as the poet mentioned that the children have gathered round it.

Question 4: Read the lines from the poem and answer the questions.

1. Beneath his round umbrella,
Oh, what a joyful sight,
To see him fill the cones with mounds
Of cooling brown and white;

(a) What is a joyful sight?

Answer: The ice cream man’s little cart beneath a round umbrella is a joyful sight for poet.

(b) What are the mounds of cooling brown and white?

Answer: The mounds of cooling white and brown are the Vanilla and chocolate flavours of ice creams that the ice cream man is filling the cones with.

2. His car might be a flower bed,
Of roses and sweet peas,
The way the children cluster round,
As thick as honeybee.

(a) What does the poet compare the ice cream cart to?

Answer: The poet compares the ice cream cart to the bed of flowers.

(b) Why do you think the poet compares the children around the ice cream cart to honeybees?

Answer: The poet compares the children with honeybees because they cluster round the ice cream cart just like honeybees cluster round their hives.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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