If Ever I See Questions & Answers

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If Ever I See Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the message of this poem?

Answer: The message of this poem is that we should help protect nature. We should preserve the natural habitat of birds and animals so that they can live the way they were meant to, without human interference.

Question 2: What happens if playful children separate young birds from their mothers? Would they be able to grow properly? Why not?

Answer: If playful children birds from their mothers, they will not be able to eat and survive because it is the mother who takes care of the young ones and nurtures them.

Question 3: What do the words grieving a mother’s breast mean?

Answer: It means missing their mother’s touch and warm embrace.

Question 4: Why would the birds warble a song in the sky? Does the poet think they will do this especially for her?

Answer: Birds communicate through sounds and they will sing when they are happy and free, which in turn will make the poet happy.

Question 5: It will make me glad,
To think they are happy and free

Why is the birds’ freedom important for the poet’s happiness? Give reason for your answer.

Answer: The poet loves nature and she wants birds to be happy and free. When she listens to birds singing happily, she is happy.

Question 6: Do birds sing in captivity?

Answer: Birds are made to fly around and be free. It is not in their nature to be in captivity. So, I don’t think they sing in captivity.

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