Curious Town Questions & Answers

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Curious Town Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does the poet call the town curious?
a. because it is a strange town
b. because he is curious about it

Answer: Because it is a strange town

Question 2: Does a dead crow roar? What is strange about this line?

Answer: There are two strange things about this line. Firstly, a dead bird would not make any sound. Secondly, a crow caws and a lion roars. So, it seems that in this strange town, a crow, even if it is dead, sounds like a lion.

Question 3: What does the frog say?

Answer: The frog warns the inhabitants of this strange town that they should be prepared for pelting ice because it is going to hail.

Question 4: What sound should a kitten make?

Answer: A kitten should mew.

Question 5: And there the river flows with fire,
The Volcano is packed with dew

a. What does packed with dew mean?

Answer: “Packed with dew” means the volcano had a lot of water droplets, instead of hot molten lava.

b. How are the things described different from normal?

Answer: The things described in the poem are the opposite of what we know as normal. It is an alternative world where everything we are accustomed to has changed.

c. What will happen if this comes true in your town?

Answer: There will be chaos and confusion if this happens in my town.

Question 6: What according to you is the most curious thing about Curious Town?

Answer: The most curious thing about Curious Town is that men walk on four legs whereas animals walk on two.

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