The Gifts of Wali Dad Questions & Answers

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The Gifts of Wali Dad Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Wali Dad saved his money in
a. a hole in the floor of his house.
b. a clay pot under his bed.
c. a hole under his bed.

2. Wali Dad wanted to give the gold bracelet to

a. the noblest lady.
b. the most beautiful lady.
c. the poorest lady.

3. The queen of Khaistan gave Wali Dad

a. a palace.
b strong horses.
c. finest silks.

4. Wali Dad was gifted a beautiful palace by

a. the queen of Khaistan.
b. the Peris.
c. the king of Nekabad.

Question 2: What kind of person do you think Wali Dad was?

Answer: Wali Dad was a generous person.

Question 3: Why do you think Wali Dad chose to give his savings away?

Answer: Wali Dad was content with what he had and gave away whatever he did not need.

Question 4: Why did the king and queen want to meet Wali Dad?

Answer: The king and the queen wanted to meet Wali Dad because they wanted to meet the person who had given them such exquisite gifts.

Question 5: Why did Wali Dad give up the palace and other comforts at the end?

Answer: Wali Dad was a simple grass cutter and was to be one. He did not want a lavish lifestyle.

Question 6: What do you learn from this play?

Answer: From this play, we learn that we should always be generous and not greedy for what we do not need. We should be happy and content with what we have.

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