A Hornbill Called Harold Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Hornbill Called Harold Questions & Answers.

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A Hornbill Called Harold Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was Harold’s family home?

a. in a cottage
b. in a basket
c. in a tree trunk
d. by the sea

Answer: In a tree trunk

Question 2: What was Harold’s most prominent feature? Describe briefly.

Answer: Harold’s most prominent feature was his flaming red bill.

Question 3: Harold’s father was ‘easy-going’. It means that

a. he was easy to find.
b. he went away easily.
c. he was calm and tolerant in manner.
d. he was always going somewhere.

Answer: He was calm and tolerant in manner.

Question 4: What changed the course of Harold’s life?

Answer: The author’s grandfather took Harold from the tree trunk to their house. That changed the course of Harold’s life.

Question 5: Name some of Harold’s favourite food items.

Answer: Bananas and dates and balls of boiled rice were Harold’s favourite food items.

Question 6: In the end, what does the author wish for Harold?

Answer: The author hopes that Harold gets all the summer showers he wishes for and has plenty of tennis balls to catch.

Question 7: Why did Harold not drink water?

Answer: Hornbills get all the liquid they need from their solid food, so Harold never drank water.

Question 8: Harold would have made an excellent slip-fielder at cricket. Why does the narrator say so?

Answer: Harold could catch a tennis ball thrown with some force from a distance of fifteen yards.

Question 9: Does the author miss Harold? How do you know?

Answer: The author says that he misses Harold’s raucous bark and the banging of his great bill.

Question 10: Did the author’s family have other pets? How can you say that?

Answer: The author mentions that Harold was addition to the zoo on their front verandah. He also says that Harold tolerated his aunts while most of the other pets they had disliked them.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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