My Greatest Prize Questions & Answers

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My Greatest Prize Questions & Answers

Question 1: What had Hitler declared?

Answer: Hitler had declared that German athletes were better because they were from a greater race.

Question 2: What did people from all the countries participating in the 1936 Olympic Games want to prove?

Answer: Athletes from all the countries were out to prove Hitler wrong and do their own nation proud.

Question 3: When did Jesse Owens set his first world record?

a. in 1936
b. in 1935
c. in 1934
d. in 1937

Answer: In 1936

Question 4: What mistake did Jesse Owens make during the qualifying jumps?

Answer: Owens fouled by leaping from several centimetres beyond the take-off board.

Question 5: Describe the perfect Aryan specimen that according to Owens Luz Long represented.

Answer: Long was an inch taller than Owens, he had a lean, muscular frame, clear blue eyes, blond hair and a strikingly handsome, chiselled face.

Question 6: What does the phrase genuine warmth mean?

Answer: The phrase genuine warmth means honest affection or friendliness.

Question 7: What advice did Luz Long give Jesse to help him qualify for the final round of the event?

Answer: Long asked Owens to draw a line few inches at the back of the board and to aim at making his take-off from there. That way he would be sure to jump far enough to qualify.

Question 8: What effect do you think Hitler’s declaration had on the others participating in the competition?

Answer: Hitler’s declaration made participants from other countries more determined to win and make their nation proud.

Question 9: Why was Jesse Owens unable to clear the first two qualifying rounds for the long jump?

Answer: Owens was angry when he saw Long doing better jumps than him. Therefore, he could not concentrate on his own performance and was unable to clear the first two qualifying rounds.

Question 10: Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, said,

The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.
What did he mean by this?

Answer: Pierre de Coubertin meant that in the Olympic Games, as well as in life, it is more important to give one’s best performance rather than just winning. Participation makes us realize our own potential and what we can do to improve ourselves.

So, these were My Greatest Prize Questions & Answers.

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