Mowgli in Trouble Questions & Answers

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Mowgli in Trouble Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) The Bandar-log took Mowgli to the Rain Forest – False
(b) Bagheera taught Mowgli the ways of the jungle – False
(c) The monkey-people were happy to have Mowgli among them – True
(d) Bagheera and Baloo were the first to reach the cold lairs – False
(e) Baloo and Kaa freed Mowgli from the room where he was trapped – False

Question 2: Who said these words, to whom and why?

(a) “Tell Baloo and Bagheera where they are taking me!”

Answer: Mowgli said these words to Rann, the Kite so that Baloo and Bagheera could reach there where the Bandar-log had taken him and would save him.

(b) “It is the Bandar-log that we follow.”

Answer: Baloo said this to Kaa because he wanted his help in saving Mowgli who had been taken away by the Bandar-log.

(c) “We are of one blood. I owe you my life tonight. My kill shall be yours if you are ever hungry.”

Answer: Mowgli said this to Kaa because Kaa had saved him from the clutches of the Bandar-log.

Question 3: Why did the Bandar-log kidnap Mowgli?

Answer: From the branches above, the Bandar-log watched Mowgli learn and play. They found his nimble fingers made things out of twigs and found him to be wise indeed and wanted him in their tribe so that they may share his skills and wisdom with them. They also wanted everyone in the jungle to be envious of them.

Question 4: Whose help did Baloo and Bagheera seek to bring Mowgli back? Why?

Answer: To bring Mowgli back, Baloo and Bagheera sought the help of Kaa, the rock Python.

They seek Kaa’s help because Kaa could climb the trees as well as the monkeys could. Moreover, all the monkeys were even afraid to whisper his name. So, they were sure that if they include Kaa in their war against the Bandar-log then, they would definitely get Mowgli back from their custody.

Question 5: How did the Bandar-log behave when Mowgli was among them?

Answer: The Bandar-log were very happy after getting Mowgli in their group. They were pleased with themselves, joined hands and danced about. They also sang their foolish songs. One among them made a speech and told his companions that Mowgli’s capture marked a new thing in the history of Bandar-log.

Question 6: What made Mowgli think that the Bandar-log were a foolish and silly tribe?

Answer: On being asked by the Bandar-log to show Mowgli how to make protection against rain and cold, Mowgli picked up some creepers and began to work on them. Some of the monkeys tried to imitate him but he soon found that they lost interest and began to pull each other’s tail and jump up and down.
He soon concluded that they were not at all interested to learn anything but were a foolish and silly tribe.

Question 7: Describe Kaa’s attack on the monkeys. Why did the monkeys fear him so much?

Answer: Kaa, a thirty feet long python decided to attack from the west wall. His first strike was delivered into the crowd around Baloo. The monkeys scattered with cries of “Kaa”.

The monkeys fear him so much because none of them knew the limits of his power. None of them could look him in the face and none had ever come alive out of his hug and so, they ever remained terrified.

Question 8: How did Mowgli express his gratitude towards Kaa?

Answer: Mowgli was very much moved with Kaa’s generous help and was filled with gratitude. He told Kaa that they were one blood and he owed his life to him that night. He promised that his hunt would be Kaa’s if ever Kaa was hungry. He also promised that if Kaa was ever caught in a trap, he would come for his rescue.

So, these were Mowgli in Trouble Questions & Answers.

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