Air and Water Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Air and Water Questions & Answers.

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Air and Water Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a)_________is a health problem caused by polluted air.

i. Asthma
ii. Typhoid
iii. Hepatitis
iv. Cholera

(b) Which of the following is a source of salt water?

i. Ponds
ii. Oceans
iii. Lakes
iv. Rivers

(c) Water covers_______% of the earth’s surface.

i. 71
ii. 75
iii. 78
iv. 80

Question 2: State whether the following statements are True or False:

(a) A windmill uses wind energy to generate electricity – True
(b) Air is needed for sound to travel – True
(c) Always burn garbage in open areas – False

Question 3: Name the following:

(a) The main symptom of water borne diseases.

Answer: Diarrhoea

(b) Plants that live in water.

Answer: Hydrophytes/Aquatic plants

(c) The gas used by plants to prepare food.

Answer: Carbon dioxide

Question 4: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. Hydrillai. Water-borne diseases
b. Octopusii. Aquatic plant
c. Typhoid Feveriii. Air pollution
d. Coughingiv. Aquatic animal
Answer: a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-iii

Question 5: How do aquatic plants get oxygen for breathing?

Answer: Aquatic plants utilize the oxygen dissolved in water for breathing.

Question 6: Name some sources of agricultural water.

Answer: Sources of agricultural water include ground water from wells, surface water, drainage ponds, rain and municipal water.

Question 7: Name three important gases present in air.

Answer: The three important gases present in air are oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Question 8: Why do plants and animals need water?

Answer: Plants and animals need water to quench their thirst. Water is also needed for digestion of food, excretion of waste from the body and for smooth functioning of other physiological processes.

Question 9: What is atmosphere? Name the five layers of the atmosphere.

Answer: The layer of air surrounding the earth is called atmosphere. The five major layers of the atmosphere are exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere.

Question 10: Why is atmosphere important?

Answer: Atmosphere is important because it is like a blanket around the earth and helps in maintaining the right temperature on the surface of the earth.

Question 11: What is air pollution?

Answer: Air pollution occurs when gases, dust particles, fumes or odour are mixed with air and makes it harmful to humans, animals and plants.

Question 12: Write two ways to prevent air pollution.

Answer: Two ways to prevent air pollution are:

  • Plant more trees as they help in purifying air.
  • Avoid bursting of fire crackers.

Question 13: Only 1% of water available on the earth’s surface is fit for consumption.

Answer: Most of the water available on the earth’s surface is in the form of salt water in the sea or is present as frozen water in glaciers. Water from these sources cannot be consumed and hence, only 1% of the water is fit for consumption.

Question 14: How are dams and canals useful?

Answer: To make water available for irrigation and other uses, water is stored in dams and canals.

Question 15: Arrange the following in correct chronological order.


…2…Water gets polluted.
…1…Manufacturing industries release poisonous chemicals in the rivers.
…4…Fish die due to the polluted water.
…3…Fish consume this polluted water.
So, these were Air and Water Questions & Answers.

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