Important Questions Of Sources Of Food

Hi Everyone!! This article will share some Important Questions Of Sources Of Food.

In my previous post, I have shared Objective Type Questions Of Sources Of Food so, make sure to check that post as well because that post will cover up the fill-ups, true & false, match the columns, assertion and reasoning, etc.

Important Questions Of Sources Of Food

Question 1: Give two examples each of the parts of the plant eaten as food.

(a) Vegetables eaten as roots
Answer: Carrots and radish

(b) Vegetables eaten as leaves
Answer: Spinach and fenugreek

(c) Vegetables eaten as stems
Answer: Onion and potato

Question 2: How is the oil extracted from the seeds? Give two examples of oil giving seeds.

Answer: Plants are the main source of edible oil. The seeds from many plants are used to extract oil. The oil seeds are crushed and the oil is extracted. Two examples of oil giving seeds are – Sunflower seeds and soyabean seeds.

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Question 3: Which are the common spices found in India?

Answer: Cumin seeds, mustard seeds, asafoetida, turmeric, red chillies, cloves, ginger and coriander are some of the spices commonly found in India.

Question 4: Give two examples of

(a) Natural plant beverages
Answer: Tea, coffee, coconut water, fruit juices

(b) Alcoholic beverages
Answer: Wine, toddy (palm wine)

Question 5: Give some examples of food obtained from animals.

Answer: Eggs, milk, meat, fish and honey

Question 6: Name the nutrients obtained from plant sources.

Answer: The nutrients that are obtained from the plant sources of food are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and fibres.

Important Questions Of Sources Of Food

Question 7: Give reasons for the following:

(a) Honey is considered as an animal source of food.
Answer: Honey bees collect nectar from different flowers and convert it to honey. It is then stored in their hives. Hence, honey is considered as an animal source of food.

(b) Scavengers help to keep our earth clean.
Scavengers are important.
Answer: Scavengers help to keep our earth clean because they feed on dead animals and so they remove the dead animals and their remains by eating them.

(c) Milk is called complete food.
Answer: Milk is also called as a complete food as it contains all the essential nutrients.

Question 8: State the similarities between:

(a) Scavengers and Decomposers
Answer: They feed on dead animals/cannot make their own food.

(b) Radish and Onion
Answer: Both are plant parts that are eaten.

Question 9: What is cudding?

Answer: Some animals fill their stomachs without chewing and after sometime they bring back the already swallowed food into the mouth for proper grinding which is called cudding.

Question 10: Write the different plant sources from which spices are derived.

Answer: Spices are derived from different plant sources like seeds, fruits, roots, barks and other plant substances.

Question 11: Practical/Real life/experimental Question

Amit wanted to make banana milkshake and scrambled eggs so he went to a market and bought milk, eggs, sugar, banana and spices.

(a) Which sugar is present in milk?
Answer: Lactose

(b) Which nutrients will the eggs provide?
Answer: Proteins

Question 12: What will happen if the tigers did not have canines? [HOTS]

Answer: If the tiger does not have canines, it will not be able to tear the flesh of animals and so it will not be able to eat its food.

Question 13: Do you think all living beings need the same kind of food? [HOTS]

Answer: No, all living things need different kinds of food depending on their habitat and environment in which they live. It also depends on the availability of the food and the body structure.

Important Questions Of Sources Of Food

Question 14: Creative type question:

Rahul’s mother wanted to give three food items obtained from plants and two food items from animals in his lunch box. What can she give?

Answer: Plant food items: bread, chapati, dal, rice, salad
Animal food items: buttermilk, eggs, meat

Question 15: What would happen if there are no plants on the Earth?

Answer: Plants are the producers of food for all the other organisms. If plants get disappear then the food will not get produced and all the organisms will eventually die.

Question 16: Value based questions.

Honeybees are social insects that work hard throughout their lives. There are different categories of bees in a comb such as the queen bee and worker bees. They all work in an orderly manner to live in harmony. They collect nectar from flowers and convert it into honey. Honey is stored inside the comb to be used as food in the future.

(a) Why do honey bees store honey in their comb?
Answer: Honey is stored inside the comb so that honey bees can use it as food in the future.

(b) What values do you learn from honeybees?
Answer: One should do hard work and should also do team work in orderly manner to live in harmony.

Question 17: Think and answer:
It has been observed that the population of vultures in India has been steadily decreasing due to various reasons. If this continues, it could lead to some dreadful consequences?

Answer: Yes, it would have dreadful consequences because vultures keep the earth clean by feeding on dead animals. Without them, dead bodies will rot and cause contamination of water, growth of rodents, insects etc. this would result in various diseases.

So, these were some Important Questions Of Sources Of Food.

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