In Chateau d’lf Questions & Answers

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In Chateau d’lf Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Dantes feel that some prisoner was plotting to escape?

Answer: Dantes felt that some prisoner was plotting to escape because he heard a scratching from the wall against which he was lying. It went on for almost three hours, and it sounded as if someone was trying to move or break the stones.

Question 2: Describe Dantes’ initial efforts to help the other prisoner.

Answer: At first, Dantes moved his bed, and because he had no knife or other sharp instrument to work with, he broke the water jug and attacked the wall with one of the sharp fragments.

Question 3: What kind of success did Dantes achieve after several days of toil?

Answer: After three years of toil, Dantes succeeded in removing the cement and exposing the stonework. The wall was built of rough stones, and he needed to remove a stone. He tried to do that with his nails, but could not. The piece of jug also broke, so he used the iron handle of his saucepan as a lever and managed to remove the stone.

Question 4: How did Dantes introduce himself to his fellow prisoner?

Answer: Dantes introduced himself to his fellow prisoner as ‘an unhappy prisoner’. Then he said that he was a Frenchman called Edmond Dantes and that he was a sailor by profession who was innocent.  

Question 5: Why did Dantes shudder while talking to the prisoner?

Answer: Dantes shuddered when he realised that the other prisoner had been in the jail four years longer than him, and therefore had suffered the harsh life of prison for that many more years.

Question 6: What other challenges could the two prisoners face while trying to escape?

Answer: The two of them would have to find anotherway to escape, as the other prisoner had made an error in his plans. So now, their excavation would not lead them out of the fortress and they would have to find a new route and try again. They may not succeed in that attempt. And of course, they always risked being caught and punished. They also had to be mindful of the jailer so that he did not find out that they were trying to escape.

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