Puppetry in India Questions & Answers

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Puppetry in India Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Mother show the children in the attic?

Answer: Mother showed glove puppets to the children in the attic. One of them was made like a grand old king. She then took out a few more glove puppets from the chest. Each of these puppets looked like Kathakali actors with heavy make-up, headgear and colourful costumes.

Question 2: What plans did Mother have for the evening?

Answer: For the evening, Mother had planned to take the children to Chambukutty’s Pava-kathakali performance in the temple courtyard.

Question 3: Why was Baban very excited?

Answer: Baban was excited because it was the first time he was playing the lead character in a rod puppet show of Hanuman’s journey to Lanka to find Sita.

Question 4: How are the shadow puppets of Karnataka and Maharashtra similar and different?

Answer: The shadow puppets of Karnataka are flat leather puppets that are pressed against a semi-transparent white cloth screen. The Togalu Gombe-atta is a big hit in Karnataka. The shadow puppets of Maharashtra are also coloured using red, blue, green and black vegetable colours. They are called Chamadyache Bahulya. Both shadow puppets use stories from the epics like Ramayana. But the shows in Maharashtra are accompanied by folk tunes, as background music.

Question 5: We really have such a rich tradition in our country. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, we do have a rich tradition of puppetry in our country. This is evident from the text, which tells us about different kinds of puppets that have developed in different parts of the country; their differences and similarities, styles and customs; and also how rich they are in their details and accompaniments.

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