Saving The Turtle Questions & Answers

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Saving The Turtle Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where does the action of the story take place?

Answer: The action of the story takes place on a beach in front of a hotel.

Question 2: What does the narrator see when he joins the crowd?

Answer: When the narrator joins the crowd, he sees a turtle lying upside down on its back on the sand. It is a giant turtle with a very beautiful shell. It is waving its flippers in the air.

Question 3: Why was the narrator shocked by the reaction of the crowd?

Answer: The narrator was shocked by the reaction of the crowd because they were talkingexcitedly about selling and eating the flesh of the great, beautiful and harmless creature that was lying helplessly on the sand. He could not understand how these people were discussing the destruction and the flavour of a harmless and helpless creature that was struggling in front of them.

Question 4: Why did the crowd feel uneasy and a bit ashamed?

Answer: The crowd felt uneasy and a bit ashamed when a little boy came running down the beach, and said that they were horrible and cruel for trapping the turtle when it had done nothing to them, and insisted that they put the turtle back into the sea. The boy made them realise what they were doing was wrong.

Question 5: How did the boy handle the situation on the beach?

Answer: The boy blamed the people on the beach for being cruel to the turtle. Then he ran to the animal, hugged it and whispered to it. He pleaded with his father to make the fishermen free the turtle. So, his father decided to pay the manager of the hotel and the fishermen so that they would let the animal go. The turtle was freed and the boy watched the turtle go far away from the shore.

Question 6: Describe in your own words how the turtle was set free.

Answer: The boy’s father offered to buy the turtle from the manager of the hotel and promised to pay extra if it was freed at once and if the fishermen didn’t try to catch it again. The men agreed, so the knots holding the turtle were untied. The fishermen rocked the turtle from side to side by placing their pole beneath its shell till the animal landed on the sand the right side up. The boy landed on the sand the right side up. The boy told it to go far away this time. The turtle waddled towards the water, and once in it, the turtle swam away very fast.

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