Lucy Questions & Answers

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Written by William Wordsworth, this poem talks about a beautiful woman who lived alone in the countryside surrounded by the beauty of nature but remained unnoticed by the rest of the world. The poem ends with the feelings of pain and loss that the poet experienced when she died.

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Lucy Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dwelt – lived
  • Untrodden – a place where not many people have walked; a remote place
  • Springs of Dove – the river Dove
  • Maid – a young unmarried girl
  • Praise – admire
  • Star – the planet Venus is called the Evening Star and it seems brighter than all other stars and planets
  • Ceased to be – died

Question 1: How does the speaker describe Lucy’s life in the first stanza?

Answer: In the first stanza, the poet describes Lucy’s life as a very quiet and lonely one, as she lived in a place where few people lived and was admired and loved by very few people.

Question 2: Does the speaker see Lucy as someone special? What are the two comparisons the speaker uses in stanza two? Do you think the comparison is appropriate?

Answer: Yes, the speaker does see Lucy as someone special. We know this because he says that her death would make a great difference to him. In stanza two, the poet compares her to a violet flower and a fair star. The comparison is appropriate because the violet flower beside a mossy stone is often hidden by the stone and remains unnoticed. The fair star also cannot be noticed when all the other stars are shining in the sky but can be seen and appreciated when it is the only one in the sky. The poet has said that Lucy was a woman whom few people knew and appreciated.

Question 3: What happened when Lucy died? Did people know about her death? How was the speaker affected by her death?

Answer: When Lucy died, few people came to know of her death, but the poet was greatly affected. He was grief-stricken at her death.

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