Dabbawalas of Mumbai Questions & Answers

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Dabbawalas of Mumbai Questions & Answers

Question 1: How does Vittalbhai typically begin his day?

Answer: Every morning, Vittalbhai sets off to work by balancing a long wooden tray on his head, full of dabbas that he has picked up from houses on his way to the station.

Question 2: What was Prakash Baly Bachche’s achievement?

Answer: Prakash Baly Bachche had been awarded a Guinness World Record in 2011 for carrying the most number of loaded trays (three) on the head by a person.

Question 3: Why does Vittalbhai check the tiffin-boxes for their letters and numbers?

Answer: Vittalbhai checks the tiffin-boxes for their letters and numbers because these letters and numbers are fixed according to a special coding system. All the dabbas are arranged according to the offices and areas where they have to be delivered. The letters and systems indicate where they have to reach.

Question 4: When did the Dabbawala service begin In Mumbai? Who set it up?

Answer: The Dabbawala service began in Mumbai in 1890. Mahadu Havaji Bachche set up the service.

Question 5: Who were ‘bhonawalas’? What did the term mean?

Answer: The team of hundred men who delivered lunch to offices in the 1890s were known as ‘bhonawalas’, which means ‘the meal men’.

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