Dashu’s Secret Box Questions & Answers

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Dashu’s Secret Box Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the students think was inside Dashu’s strange-looking box?

Answer: The students thought that the strange-looking box was Dashu’s tiffin-box, or that he was carrying his pocket-money in it.

Question 2: Did Dashu behave strangely with his box? What did he do?

Answer: Yes, Dashu behaved strangely with his box. To begin with, he placed it very carefully under the table. Then he unlocked it with a key, lifted the cover a little and peeped inside, all very secretively. He also warned others not to meddle with the box.

Question 3: What did Dashu do at lunch time?

Answer: At lunch time, Dashu went to Tapan and gave him a key. He told Tapan to keep it with him till he came back and to leave the key with the security guard before going to class in case he was late. Then he left the box in the guard’s room and went out in a hurry.

Question 4: Describe the contents of the box.

Answer: Inside the box, there was a heavy bundle tied up in cloth. Inside the bundle was another cloth-covered bundle. Inside that was another bundle. Finally, there Was a small packet. Inside the small packet was a folded piece of paper on which was written: ‘Idle curiosity isn’t a virtue! Shame on you!’

Question 5: What happened before or after these incidents?

1. The teacher asked Dashu what he kept in the box. (after)

Answer: Dashu told the teacher that he had his belongings in the box.

2. Dashu goes out of the school gates in a hurry. (before)

Answer: After the bell rang, all the students went down to the playground, where Dashu gave Tapan the keys to the box and asked him to keep it carefully till he returned.

3. Tapan unlocks the box. (after)

Answer: They found a heavy bundle of cloth inside which were some other bundles of cloth and finally they found a small packet inside which had a message written on piece of paper.

4. The boys run after Dashu, trying to catch him. (before)

Answer: Dashu sat on the wall and laughed uncontrollably and then leaped off the wall and ran away.

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