Plane Spotting Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Plane Spotting Questions & Answers.

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Plane Spotting Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where does Shay live and how old is she?

Answer: Shay lives in Sydney. She is thirteen years old.

Question 2: What did the guard tell Shay? Why did he not listen to her?

Answer: The guard told Shay to go away as the airport was not a place for children to play. He did not listen to Shay as she was only a child.

Question 3: How did Shay know that the plane was in danger?

Answer: Shay took a picture of the part of the plane that had fallen off. When she got home, she looked up a book on planes and realised that the part that fell off was a section of the landing gear. That is how she knew that the plane was in danger.

Question 4: What did Shay do to save the plane?

Answer: Shay called up the airport and explained what she had seen, to an official there. She also sent him the picture she had taken. Though the guard and the operator did not believe her at first, she still kept trying to make them understand the problem. She helped to save the plane as a result of her quick thinking.

Question 5: Why was Shay not able to sleep well?

Answer: Shay was not able to sleep well because she was anxious to know what happened to the plane and whether the people were safe.

Question 6: Shay was smiling and happy at the end of the story? What two things made her happy?

Answer: The two things that made Shay happy were the fact that the plane had been saved with her help and that she was going to fly to Bangkok with her family.

Question 7: Find sentences in the text which suggest that—

1. Shay was near the airport during the evening.

Answer: ‘Shay Kent was sitting in a park next to the airport.’

2. the plane which took off was a long distance flight.

Answer: ‘It was the flight to Bangkok.’

3. the piece of the plane that Shay helped to identify was a major part of the aeroplane.

Answer: ‘The ‘grey thing’ was a part of a 747’s landing gear.’

4. the airport had tight security and people were not allowed to enter without permission.

Answer: ‘There was a signboard on it which said ‘AIRPORT. KEEP OUT.”

5. Shay referred to a book to identify the part of the plane.

Answer: ‘She then raced to the bookshelf and pulled out a book – Planes of Today.’

6. Shay was very nervous when she woke up the next morning.

Answer: ‘Early the next morning, she rushed to switch on the television. So, these were Plane Spotting Questions & Answers.

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