Tinker Bell Questions & Answers

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Tinker Bell Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the narrator in the beginning of the story? What was he doing? Who nudged his elbow?

Answer: In the beginning of the story, the narrator was sitting on the bank of a small irrigation canal. He was gazing at herons fishing in muddy water. A little goat, soft as velvet and with pretty grey eyes nudged the narrator’s elbow.

Question 2: How did Grandfather persuade Grandmother to keep the goat?

Answer: Grandfather persuaded Grandmother to keep the goat by telling her that goat’s milk was very good for her rheumatism.

Question 3: Why was Tinker Bell tied up?

Answer: Tinker Bell was tied up because she was using her horns at every chance. One day she butted the gardener from behind while he was over the sweet-pea bed. The gardener refused to work till Tinker Bell was tied up.

Question 4: What prompted Grandmother to get rid of Tinker Bell?

Answer: Grandmother finally got rid of Tinker Bell when Tinker Bell butted the narrator’s aunt with her horns while the aunt was bending over a pot in the garden. The aunt insisted that Tinker had injured her.

Question 5: Why were Tinker Bell’s eyes moist?

Answer: Tinker Bell’s eyes were moist because she seemed to understand that she was being taken away from the narrator’s house forever.

Question 6: Find sentences in the text which suggest that—

1. the goat was very young when the narrator first saw it.

Answer: ‘Looking round, I found a little goat at my side, soft as velvet and with pretty grey eyes.’

2. both the narrator and his grandfather loved animals.

Answer: “I’ve told both of you again and again that I will not put up with another bird or animal in the house!”

3. the narrator was very close to grandfather.

Answer: ‘Grandfather, always my ally, helped me.’

4. the narrator’s aunt was not injured. It was only her pride that was hurt.

Answer: ‘My aunt insisted that she had been badly injured, though she refused Grandfather’s offer of first aid.’

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