Interesting Professions Questions & Answers

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Interesting Professions Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Exploring – finding out
  • Aspect – Part
  • Profession – Job
  • Passion – Eagerness
  • Dominating – Controlling
  • Conventional – Traditional
  • Unusual – Uncommon
  • Excel – Perfect
  • Fascinates – Attracts
  • Fossils – Remains of organisms
  • Preserved – Protected
  • Crust – Outer covering
  • Exploring – Discovering
  • Exotic – Strange
  • Allure – Attract

Question 1: How does our job help us?

Answer: Our job helps us to earn and to live a comfortable life. It also defines our role in society and maintains our dignity wherever we go. It also adds to the economic growth of a country.

Question 2: What is paleontology?

Answer: Paleontology is the study of the history of life on earth as reflected by fossil records.

Question 3: What are fossils? Why do paleontologists collect fossils?

Answer: Fossils are the remains or traces of organisms (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria and other single celled living things) that lived in the geological past and are preserved in the crust of the earth. Paleontologists collect fossil samples to understand the history behind the samples.

Question 4: Where do deep sea divers work? Why is commercial deep sea diving a very difficult career to pursue?

Answer: Deep sea divers work under water with equipments. Commercial deep-sea diving is a very difficult career to pursue. Most divers work in an environment where the surrounding water pressure is very high and sunlight never enters while most divers spend a large part of their career in high pressure situations and that causes a lot of damage to their bodies.

Question 5: What are the requirements to become an astronaut?

Answer: Becoming an astronaut is not easy. It requires many years of education and research to meet the basic qualification. An astronaut is expected to be knowledgeable about commanding a space shuttle. Physical and mental fitness is absolutely essential.

Question 6: Why is pro-gaming a serious business today?

Answer: Pro-gaming that is considered to be a worldwide online game is a serious business today as people are getting addicted towards these competitive games and are getting attracted towards the huge prize money.

Question 7: What do the following professionals do?

(a) Scientist

Answer: Does experiments and research.

(b) Chef

Answer: Cooks in restaurant or hotels.

(c) Police officer

Answer: Catches criminals.

(d) Florist

Answer: Sells flowers.

(e) Pilot

Answer: Flies airplanes.

(f) Accountant

Answer: Helps people with their finances.

(g) Author

Answer: Writes books

So, these were Interesting Professions Questions & Answers.

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