Introduction to OpenOffice Calc Questions & Answers

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Introduction to OpenOffice Calc Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks.

(a) An application that can be used to organized numerical data in the form table and perform calculations on it called a Spreadsheet application.
(b) The Cell is a fundamental element of a worksheet.
(c) A workbook is a collection of Worksheet.
(d) The scientific cell format displays the content of cell in exponential notation.
(e) In open office calc, the Autofill feature is used to fill a series of numbers such as 2,4,6,8 and so on.
(f) The Name Box displays the name of the active cell.
(g) Formula Bar contains the Name Box and the Input Line textbox.
(h) By default, in Calc, the numbers are aligned to the right within a cell.
(i) The first cell in the upper left corner is A1.
(j) Redo is a feature that’s opposite to undo.
(k) By default, the name of the first workbook is Untitled1.

Question 2: List the types of data that can be entered in the calc.

Ans: Data that can be entered in a calc can be of following types:

  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Formula

Question 3: Mention the keyboard keys to perform the following in OpenOffice Calc.

(a) Go to the next column

Ans: Tab

(b) Go to next row

Ans: Enter

(c) Enter a new line in the same column.

Ans: Ctrl + Enter

Question 4: What is a spreadsheet? List its uses.

Answer: A spreadsheet application is in the form of a grid or a table that organizes data into rows and columns. It is used to analyze and make projections using the numeric data. A spreadsheet application is generally used for the following –

  • Enter data
  • Edit data
  • Format data
  • Perform calculation on the data
  • Present data in graphical form

Question 5: Which feature of Open-Office Calc should be used for the following?

(a) To display the content in multiple lines in the same cell when it exceeds the width of the cell.

Ans: Warp Text

(b) To display a series of values such as Monday, Tuesday and so on. In a selected range of cells.

Ans: Autofill

Question 6: Explain workbook and worksheet.


In calc workbook is a file that contains many worksheets, that you can use to organize various kinds of related information. By default, workbook contains three worksheets namely ‘sheet 1’, ‘sheet 2’, and ‘sheet 3’.


In calc worksheet is a single spreadsheet that contains cell, rows and columns. A worksheet begins with row number ‘1’ and column A. Each cell can contain a number, text or formula.

Question 7: Which cell format Calc should be used to display the numbers as shown below?

(a) 4.5E + 01

Ans: Scientific

(b) $50

Ans: Currency

Question 8: Observe the following Calc worksheet and answer the questions:

22Student NameStu-IDExam 1Exam 2

(a) Cell address of Aman.

Answer: A24

(b) Which cell format should be used for Stu-Id?

Answer: Text

(c) Which function should be used to find the total marks of Neha in Exam 1 and Exam 2?

Answer: Sum() function

(d) Specify the cell range of the selected area.

Answer: A26:C26

So, these were Introduction to OpenOffice Calc Questions & Answers.

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