Saving The Sparrow Questions & Answers

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Saving The Sparrow Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Desperately – extremely
  • Plead – beg
  • Companion – partner
  • Extension – increase
  • Rescue – to save
  • Heart of gold – very kind person
  • Heart was racing – very excited

Question 1: Who said and to whom?

(a) “Pa, quick, come quickly!”

Answer: Hiralal said these words to his father. He said this when he returned from school and noticed that the sparrow was still trapped in the wire. He ran into the house calling his parents for help.

(b) “It is too dangerous.”

Answer: Hiralal’s mother said to him and his father. Hiralal was pleading to his parents to find a way to save sparrow and the parents were explaining that it was risky to climb on powerline.

(c) “Maybe the Supervisor can help.”

Answer: Ram Bharose said to Hiralal. Hiralal was requesting Ram Bharose to switch off the power for a little while so that he can go up and free the bird from the power line.

(d) “A sparrow is going to die because nobody will save it.”

Answer: Hiralal said to the supervisor when asking him to shut off the power so as to save the bird which is entangled in the power line.

(e) “A little more to the right.”

Answer: Ram Bharose said to the truck driver. They were trying to rescue the bird from the power line. So, he asked driver to steered the truck in position and get the extension ladder ready.

Question 2: In what ways was the power line useful? Think of two reasons.

Answer: The two ways in which the power line was useful are:
i. It brings electricity.
ii. It gives shelter to small birds.

Question 3: What did Hiralal see when he was cycling to school one morning?

Answer: While cycling to school one morning, Hiralal saw a sparrow trapped in the power line. It was hanging head downwards, flapping its wings. Other sparrows were twittering loudly around it.

Question 4: What did Hiralal request the supervisor to do? Did the supervisor agree to do it? Why/ why not?

Answer: Hiralal requested the supervisor to switch off the power so that the trapped sparrow could be rescued. No, he did not agree to do this because switching off the power suddenly would affect the patients in the hospitals who were in the middle of an operation.

Question 5: How did Ram Bharose rescue the sparrow?

Answer: Ram Bharose shut off the power at night and drove in a truck to Hiralal’s village. He called Hiralal and asked him to show them where the sparrow was. When Hiralal took them to the place, Ram Bharose climbed up an extension ladder as another person held a torch up. In the torch light, Ram Bharose carefully loosened the bird’s claw from the wire and brought it down safely and gave it to Hiralal.

So, these were Saving The Sparrow Questions & Answers.

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