Before The Match Questions & Answers

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Before The Match Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

(a) What does YMU stand for?

i. Youth Men’s Union
ii. Young Men’s Union
iii. Young Male Union

(b) What does MCC stand for?

i. Malgudi Coaching Centre
ii. Male’s Cricket Club
iii. Malgudi Cricket Club

(c) Swami said to the Drill Master in the ground that

i. he won’t be able to attend the drill
ii. he was in a terrible state of health
iii. both (i) & (ii)

Question 2: Write True or False and correct the false sentence:

(a) Swami was the best bowler in MCC team – True

(b) Swami wan not attending cricket practice regularly – True

(c) Swami asked the headmaster to let him attend cricket practice daily – False
Corrected Sentence – Swami did not want to go and ask the headmaster for permission by himself.

(d) Swami was feeling ill and had delirium – False
Corrected Sentence – Swami was making up excuses to be excused from Drill class so that he could go and practice for the cricket match.

(e) The doctor asked Swami not to attend drill for a week – False
Corrected Sentence – No, the doctor declared him to be in the pink of health and told him he would attend his drill if he wanted to get rid of delirium.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
There was only one player who caused him the deepest anxiety day and night.

(a) Who caused whom the deepest anxiety?

Answer: Swaminathan, the Tate of MCC team caused the deepest anxiety to Rajam.

(b) Why was this so?

Answer: Swami was not attending cricket practice regularly, even though the match was only a fortnight away.

Before The Match Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
Just seven days before the match, Swaminathan realised that his evenings were more precious than ever.

(a) What is the match referred to here?

Answer: The match was the cricket match that the Malgudi Cricket Club was going to play against the Young Men’s Union.

(b) Why were the evenings so precious?

Answer: The evenings were precious because the match was only a week away and Swami needed time to practice and improve his bowling skills as much as possible, before the match.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
But contrary to custom, he had not taken off his coat and cap.

(a) Why did Swami not take off his coat and cap?

Answer: Swami did not take off his coat and cap because he wanted to pretend to be ill in front of the Drill Master and escape the evening drill.

(b) What happened soon after?

Answer: Soon after this, the Drill Master stopped before him, look at him up and down and passed the muttering ‘you won’t get leave’ and ordered him to take off coat and cap.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
I can’t give you a certificate.

(a) Why did the speaker refuse to give Swami a certificate? What did he offered to do instead?

Answer: The speaker refused to give Swami a certificate because giving a fake certificate of illness is illegal and he would be prosecuted for that. Instead, the speaker offered to talk to his headmaster to let him off for the practice.

(b) How did Swami respond to the offer?

Answer: Swami readily accepted the offer and felt obliged.

Question 7: What kind of person was the doctor? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The doctor was an honest person as he did not agree to make a false certificate. He was kind as he offered Swami to talk to his headmaster to let him off for the practice.

Question 8: Do you think Swami’s plan was good and an honest one?

Answer: No, Swami’s plan was not good and an honest one because he lied to the drill master and the doctor. Moreover, he tried to get a false medical certificate.

So, these were Before The Match Questions & Answers.

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