A Game Of Hopscotch Questions & Answers

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A Game Of Hopscotch Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bobby pin – a small hairpin
  • Cross – annoyed
  • Eucalyptus – a kind of tree
  • Mist – fog
  • Annoy – irritate
  • Dainty – small, pretty and delicate
  • Stranger – unknown person
  • Laid up – made to stay in bed
  • Trotting – fast walking sound of horse or any animal

Question 1: Where did Tinku live?

Answer: Tinku lived in a remote cottage in Duliatal.

Question 2: What is eucalyptus?

Answer: Eucalyptus is a kind of tree which produces a strong-smelling oil, used as medicine.

Question 3: Why was Tinku surprised when she heard Mirry’s voice?

Answer: Tinku was surprised when she heard Mirry’s voice because she was alone in her room and had not heard anyone come in.

Question 4: Where did Mirry meet Tinku’s aunts? How did she help them?

Answer: Mirry met Tinku’s aunts when they were lost in hills. She helped them find their way back to cottage.

Question 5: Why did Tinku ask Mirry her father’s name? What does Mirry’s answer tell you about her?

Answer: Tinku ask Mirry her father’s name because nobody in Duliatal knew him. Mirry’s answer shows that she wanted to hide her father’s name because when her friend asked his name then also, she didn’t tell.

Question 6: How did Mirry explain the rules of hopscotch to Tinku? Did Tinku enjoy the game? How do you know?

Answer: Mirry drew the hopscotch court on the carpet with a piece of chalk and showed Tinku how to throw the bobby pin inside a square. Yes, Tinku enjoyed playing the game. We know this when she asked Mirry to complete the game and then go.

Question 7: Why did Mirry leave suddenly? How did Tinku react?

Answer: Mirry left suddenly because she heard father’s horse trotting uphills. Tinku didn’t want Mirry to go, she wanted her to complete the game.

Question 8: What did Tinku ask Paro to do after Mirry left? What did Paro tell?

Answer: Tinku asked Paro to close the door and bring the mop to wipe the muddy marks after Mirry left. Paro told that she had locked the door in the morning right after uncle and aunty left and also asked where are muddy marks she was talking about.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
How nice of you to come and see me. I was wondering where you were all these days.

(a) Who speaks the above lines?

Answer: Tinku speaks the above lines.

(b) Who has come to see her?

Answer: Her friend Mirry along with her dog, Shadow, has come to see her.

(c) What reason did Mirry give for the long absence?

Answer: Mirry said that she was laid up with fever.

So, these were A Game Of Hopscotch Questions & Answers.

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