Eugenie and The Sharks Questions & Answers

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Eugenie and The Sharks Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Aquarium – a place where live fish are kept in tanks for display
  • Gills – organs through which fish breathe
  • Damp – a little wet
  • Conservation – protection
  • Scuba-diving – a sport of swimming underwater
  • Encountered – met unexpectedly

Question 1: Where did Eugenie love spending her time? What did she do there?

Answer: Eugenie loved spending her time at the city aquarium.
She spent her time looking at her favourite sea animals, the sharks.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:
Eugenie spent all her time looking at the fish.

(a) Name the fish that were there in Eugenie’s fish tank.

Answer: The fish in Eugenie’s fish tank were clown fish, coral-red snails and guppies.

(b) Why did she spend her time looking at the fish?

Answer: She spent her time looking at the fish because she loved sea animals. She saw how fish behaved and grew in different conditions and studied about them.

Question 3: How did Eugenie’s mother surprise her?

Answer: Eugenie’s mother surprised her by gifting her a small aquarium.

Question 4: What did Eugenie want to become when she grew up?

Answer: Eugenie wanted to be a scientist and discover things on her own.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
But Eugenie did not listen to any of them.

(a) Who did Eugenie not listen to?

Answer: Eugenie did not listen to her professors and the people around her.

(b) What did she not listen to?

Answer: Eugenie’s professors said that women were not smart enough to become scientists or courageous enough to explore the oceans. The people around her told her that sharks were mindless killers and she should forget about them and take up a different job.

Question 6: Which place did Eugenie explore first? What did she find there?

Answer: Eugenie explored the Red Sea first. She collected hundreds of different fish from there. she also found three new species of fish.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
Here she encountered a wild shark.

(a) Where did Eugenie encounter a wild shark?

Answer: Eugenie encountered a wild shark in the waters of the Palau Islands.

(b) How did she feel after seeing the wild shark?

Answer: Eugenie could not believe her eyes when she saw the shark. She was very excited and thought that it was beautiful. The shark did not scare her at all.

Question 8: What did Eugenie want to protect sharks from?

Answer: Eugenie wanted to protect sharks from dangerous human activities like hunting.

Question 9: How did Eugenie’s dream come true?

Answer: Eugenie’s dream came true as people soon understood that sharks were not mindless killers. They need to be saved from dangerous human activities and not hunted. As a result, people formed shark conservation groups to protect and care for sharks.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:
They realized how fearless she was.

(a) Who realised that Eugenie was fearless?

Answer: The people around Eugenie realised that she was fearless.

(b) What had Eugenie proved?

Answer: Eugenie had proved that she was clever enough to become a scientist and brave enough to explore the oceans.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:
‘Will they be smart enough to understand?’

(a) What did Eugenie think of doing?

Answer: Eugenie thought of training sharks.

(b) What did she do after that?

Answer: Eugenie trained sharks successfully and proved that the sharks could remember their training.

So, these were Eugenie and The Sharks Questions & Answers.

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