Jamaican Fragment Questions & Answers

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Jamaican Fragment Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Submitted – agreed
  • Tramcar – a bus driven by electricity that runs on metal tracks on roads
  • Beck and call – be ready to do what someone asks
  • Shuffled – walked by dragging slowly along
  • Bidding – order
  • Abjectly – very humbly
  • Indefinable – vague
  • Imperiously – expecting people to obey one’s commands

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The narrator was amazed because

i. he saw a black boy and a white boy fighting
ii. the white boy was imposing his will upon the black boy
iii. he saw a black boy and a white boy together

(b) “Get me some water!” Who does ‘me’ refer to?

i. the white boy
ii. the brown woman
iii. the black boy

Question 2: Why was the morning walk pleasant to Mr. A.L. Hendricks?

Answer: The red and green-roofed bungalows, green lawns and gardens on either side of his walking lane made him happy. The scenery was beautiful and hence he felt the morning walk was pleasant.

Question 3: “The exercise is good for me,” says the narrator. What was that exercise?

Answer: Walking is a good exercise for him. He walks half a mile from home to the railway track and half a mile from the railway track to home.

Question 4: What did the narrator like about his walk from his home to the tramcar lines?

Answer: The narrator used to enjoy his walk to and from the tramcar lines because the walk was pleasant. The red and green- roofed bungalows, green lawns and gardens looked pretty for such a walk. Most importantly, this exercise served him good because now and then, he learnt something from little incidents.

Question 5: What did the narrator notice one morning?

Answer: One morning, the narrator noticed that two boys were playing in the garden in front of the modest cottage.

Question 6: How does the narrator describe the two boys whom he sees one morning?

Answer: One morning the narrator noticed two little boys playing in the garden of a cottage. The elder of the two boys was a sturdy youngster, very dark, with a mat of coarse hair on his head and coal- black eyes. He was definitely a strong little Jamaican. The other little fellow was smaller, but also sturdy. He was white with hazel eyes and light-brown hair. Both were dressed in blue shirts and khaki pants. They wore no shoes and their feet were muddy.

Jamaican Fragment Questions & Answers

Question 7: What were the questions that arose in the narrator’s mind when he saw the two boys at their game the first time?

Answer: When the narrator saw the two boys at their game the first time, he was puzzled within himself. Hundreds of questions came into his mind. The children were very small, really, they were infants. At the very small age how could they discriminate? Who were they? Was the black boy a servant’s son? Who was he? They wore same type of dress. Were they neighbours or play mates? Whoever might be? Were they, as a race really inferior that even in their infancy they realized their deficiencies and accepted a position as the white man’s servant? The author went on asking these questions to himself for a whole day.

Question 8: What sight surprised the narrator the next day?

Answer: Next day, when the narrator observed the boys, to his surprise, the black boy was commanding and the little white boy did everything.

Question 9: Why was the narrator surprised the next morning when he saw the two boys at their game again?

Ans. The next day when the author went to the spot where the boys were playing, he was surprised to see that now the dark boy was commanding while the white boy did everything. The little dark boy was striding imperiously up and down the lawn, while the white boy walked abjectly behind. The black boy was ordering the white one to bring him a banana and the white boy obeyed him, brought him the banana and peeled it and handed it over to the black boy. He had assumed that the dark boy had internalized his inferior position, but now he realised that was not true. It was merely a game where both the boys took turns to give orders to the other.

Question 10: What were the two commands given by the black boy to the white boy?

Answer: The two commands given by the black boy to the white boy are:
Get me a banana.
Peel it for me.

Question 11: What did the narrator imagine when he saw a white man standing at the gate and watching the two boys?

Answer: When the narrator saw a white man standing at the gate and watching the two boys, he thought that the white man had been wondering at the game the boys played. He didn’t know who the man was. All he thought was that the white man was feeling hurt at the sight of a black boy giving orders to a boy of his white race. To save him from this puzzle, the narrator explained the game to the white man.

Question 12: Why was the white man surprised at the narrator’s outburst?

Answer: The white man was surprised at the narrator’s outburst because the narrator misinterpreted the children’s play and with prejudice he thought too extremely and suffered a lot within himself.

Question 13: Write True or False:

(a) The bigger boy was black – True
(b) The black boy ordered the white boy to pick up that stick – False
(c) The white boy sat down on the lawn – True
(d) The two boys were not dressed alike – False
(e) The game that the two boys played was the same game the author had played during his childhood – True
(f) The father of the boys was white and mother brown – True
(g) “I know what you are thinking,” said the man standing at the gate to the narrator – False
(h) 92% of Jamaica is inhabited by the blacks – False

So, these were Jamaican Fragment Questions & Answers.

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