Jonathan Learns To Fly Questions & Answers

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Jonathan Learns To Fly Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Chummed – dumped bait into
  • Dodge – avoid being chased
  • Dismayed – worried and disappointed
  • Glides – smooth movements
  • Streamlined – designed to make movement easier
  • Altitudes – heights
  • Wake – track left on the water’s surface by a bird

Question 1: What happened when the first fishing boats went out to sea in the morning?

Answer: When the first fishing boats went out to sea, it was a sign for the gulls to come and look for breakfast and dodge from being chased away.

Question 2: How was Jonathan different from the other gulls?

Answer: Jonathan was different from the other gulls because he loved to fly rather than eat. So, he was fine-tuning his flying skills.

Question 3: Why was Jonathan’s mother worried?

Answer: Jonathan’s mother was worried because he was different from the other gulls and because of that he was constantly polishing his flying skills ignoring even his food.

Question 4: Which three words would you use to describe Jonathan?

Answer: Brave, persistent and dedicated would be the three words to describe Jonathan.

Question 5: How did Jonathan try to behave like the other seagulls?

Answer: Chided by his father, Jonathan tried to behave like the other gulls, he screeched and fought over bits of food and dived in search of scraps of bread and fish like them.

Question 6: What happened when Jonathan held his wings still at a high speed?

Answer: Jonathan was able to fly incredibly fast if he held his wings still at high speed.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘This flying business is all very well, but you can’t eat a glide, you know. Don’t you forget that the reason you fly is to eat.’

(a) Who spoke these words to Jonathan? Why did the speaker talk about eating?

Answer: Father spoke these words to Jonathan. He spoke about eating as winter was coming nearer and food was needed to be gathered.

(b) What had the speaker advised Jonathan to study a little earlier?

Answer: Father told Jonathan that if he has to study, he needs to study food and should know how to get it.

(c) To what extent did Jonathan follow this advice?

Answer: Jonathan tried to follow the advice for the next few days.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

From a thousand feet, flapping his wings as hard as he could, he pushed over into a blazing steep dive towards the waves…

(a) What had Jonathan learnt in a week’s practice?

Answer: Jonathan learned more about speed than the fastest seagull alive.

(b) Why is his ‘blazing steep dive’ a mistake?

Answer: His ‘blazing steep dive’ was a mistake as he lost control at high speed.

(c) Does he give up after his failure?

Answer: No, he still tried to succeed his wish to fly and though he needed tremendous strength, but it worked and set a world speed record for seagulls.

Question 9: Complete these sentences:

(a) A busy day for the gulls began with them fighting for food.
(b) Most gulls cared only for eating.
(c) Jonathan spent whole days alone experimenting.
(d) Jonathan wished to study the subject of speed.
(e) Jonathan’s behaviour made his parents worried.
(f) Jonathan was off by himself, hungry, happy learning.

So, these were Jonathan Learns To Fly Questions & Answers.

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