Kaghan Valley Questions & Answers

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Kaghan Valley Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where is Kaghah Valley situated?

Answer: Kaghan Valley is situated in Mansehra District of Khyberi Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

Question 2: What is the route to Kaghan Valley?

Answer: The route to Kaghan is through Balakot, Abbotabad and Mansehra.

Question 3: Where is Siri Payay situated?

Answer: Siri Payay is situated near a small village Shogran.

Question 4: What is the height of lake Saif-ul-Muluk?

Answer: The lake Saif-ul-Muluk is located at a height of 3,000 metres from the sea level.

Question 5: Why is the lake known as Saif-ul-Muluk?

Answer: The lake is named after a legendary prince Saif-ul-Muluk.

Question 6: Write a brief note on Kaghan Valley.

Answer: The valley is known after the name of a small town, Kaghan. The valley spreads along the Kunhar River from an elevation of 2,134 metres to 4,173 metres. It is 155 Kilometres long. This place is free from pollution, and it presents an extended natural scenic beauty with its mountains, hills, lakes, rivulets, waterfalls and glaciers.

Question 7: Why do tourists not visit the valley during winters?

Answer: The weather in this valley is very cool and pleasant from May to September. Winter are very cold and freezing in this valley, so the tourists do not visit the valley during winters.

Question 8: Why does water of the lake shine blue and green?

Answer: Water of the lake shines blue and green because there is no pollution at all.

Question 9: Match the meaning correctly:

1. Elevation means height from the sea level.
2. Extended means longer than usual or expected.
3. Winding means twisting around itself.
4. Leisure means time spent in doing something that you enjoy.

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